• NBA news: the three giants of the 76ers, Beverly shelled Paul for supporting harden, and Owen regretted it

    The big three of the 76ers Today, ESPN reporter Brian wenhorst broke the news that the 76ers are actively looking for the third star of their partners Joel enbid and James Harden, and brewing a grand plan at the top. Harden’s renewal is only a matter of time and details At present, Tobias Harris is likely to be traded by 76 people with two years left in his contract, thus freeing up a certain salary space to introduce a third star Brian Windhorst says 76 people currently prefer Lillard and…

    May 17, 2022 sports
  • Ball attention: Rondo goes wild with a gun. Bass knows how to make Zhan emperor happy. Beverly said to prevent Paul from dying

    1. Rondo lost control of his emotions and exploded away. His ex-wife was accused of holding a gun to his head as a death threat According to the US media TMZ, the veteran of Cleveland Knight Rondo was accused by his ex-wife Ashley of holding a gun and making “ Death threats;. Although longduo and ex-wife Ashley have long divorced, they still have two children together. According to Ashley’s accusation, when Rondo was playing video games with her 11-year-old son, she just casually said that the children’s clothes should be…

    May 17, 2022 sports
  • Attack Paul one after another! Beverly is the number one black powder! Lillard couldn’t see it anymore

    Beverly’s crazy Yesterday’s Beverly changed into Paul’s black powder leader and rushed to the hot search at the speed of a rocket First, he fired at Lin Shuhao, not so much shelling Lin Shuhao as torturing Paul through his twitter Originally, Lin Shuhao sent a message encouraging Paul to show his respect. As a result, Beverly directly asked: “ What’s good about Paul? He’s worth the championship” We can’t fix the grove now In other words, it’s really surprising to have a 100% chance of being overturned in the case…

    May 16, 2022 sports