• The red rose active in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield — Ukrainian female soldiers

    From the Ukrainian army surrendered by Yasu steel plant, we can see the figure of female soldiers. Their hair is messy and their faces are tired, but they still can’t hide their handsome faces! This is the black female soldier before the war, sweet and lovely This is the Ukrainian female soldier after the war, with a tired face Ukraine requires women aged 18-60 to register for military service. Women account for about 22.8% of the Ukrainian army, which is far higher than Russia and the United States and the…

    May 19, 2022 military
  • T90m halberd battlefield, who knocked out the second strongest tank in Russia? Javelin: it’s none of my business this time

    Russian armored forces lost their strength in Ukraine, including the latest t-90m main battle tanks. On May 4, a video released by the Ukrainian army showed that a Russian t-90m main battle tank was destroyed in Kharkov state, Ukraine. Compared with the T-72 that flies to the turret as soon as it is bombed, this t-90m has a “ Whole corpse ”, Bukui is the second strongest main battle tank in Russia after t-14. Behind the Ukrainian reporter was a destroyed t-90m There was no flying turret this time The…

    May 8, 2022 military