• About basketball

    some fans still focus on which team a star leads to win the championship. Personally, I think it’s a little ridiculous. Basketball has never been won by a star. It is a team sport after all. It can only be said that a player happens to meet a group of capable teammates, and then everyone works together to play the game and wins accidentally

    May 28, 2022
  • The suspense of Shandong men’s basketball coach has been revealed. Wang Han and Wang Fei choose one from two, and Gong Xiaobin plays a decisive role

    the next door’s help was introduced smoothly and the coach was in place, but the Shandong team could only do it in a hurry Recently, the news about changing the coach of Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team has aroused great concern from the outside world. After seeing the efficient operation of the little brother Qingdao Double Star team in the same province, the fans had to worry. Before the end of the season, they began to operate new foreign aid, and then stole the new generation of excellent coach liuweiwei…

    May 28, 2022
  • Drummond green stopped the basketball on the frame with a free throw, and the whole court was stunned

    In today’s Western Conference finals, the warriors with a big score of 3-0 took the lead to challenge the lone ranger away. At present, the game has lost suspense, and the warriors are behind by a big score In the third quarter of the game, warrior striker dremmond green made a marvelous free throw. He threw the ball directly onto the basket, counted the bullets, and then stopped directly on the basket It is worth mentioning that lone ranger defender Luca dongcic then smiled and shook hands with green

    May 24, 2022 sports
  • Let’s take a look at some controversial players on the men’s basketball training list. In fact, there is little controversy

    The list of the 16th National People’s Congress of the Chinese men’s basketball team has been released. Every time, the list of the training will be controversial. This time is no exception, and many positions are also controversial. This time, many fans feel that there are too many people in the back court, and the choice of inside line doesn’t seem to be particularly reasonable, so there will be some controversy, but Xiaobian thinks that the controversy is not particularly big. Let’s take a look at the inside. Many fans…

    May 24, 2022
  • Today’s basketball information express

    NBA reporter Marc Stein today reported the team prospects of Lakers guard Russell Westbrook A little information about Westbrook’s deal: Although the Lakers did ask the candidates in the head coach interview in recent weeks how to deal with a lineup that still has Westbrook, this does not mean that the Lakers have decided to bring Westbrook back to the team with his last year contract. The Lakers will not rule that out, because they naturally tend to avoid making a deal that requires them to pay for a future…

    May 21, 2022 sports
  • The details of Liaoning Basketball Championship winning bonus were exposed. Guo Allen was 5 million, 5 people were 3 million, and Yang Ming was four times that of Jiang Xingquan

    In early May, Liaoning men’s basketball team won the second championship after defeating three powerful teams in Shanxi, Guangdong and Guangxia. It is a gratifying thing for Liaoning men’s basketball team to win the championship again after four years. Four years ago, when the Liaoning basketball team won the championship for the first time, the coach was Guo Shiqiang. Han Dejun, Guo Allen, Zhao Jiwei, Li Xiaoxu, Liu Zhixuan, he Tianju and foreign aid Hudson and bath were the heroes who won the championship at that time. Four years later,…

    May 13, 2022 sports
  • The 17th Chinese men’s basketball championship? Once the summit was expected, now we can only look forward to miracles

    FIBA official micro is really joking Two days ago, they asked about the soul on Social Media “ Can the Chinese men’s basketball team win the 17th championship in July”, It also published the comics created by Japanese signed comic artists for the Chinese men’s basketball team last year. Among other things, I don’t know whether the fans like this style of comics, or whether they can recognize who the three Chinese players in the comics are However, some fans said that the Japanese painter specialized in vilifying Chinese players….

    May 8, 2022 sports