• One cable can solve the problems of equipment charging, data transmission and audio and video transmission. Isn’t it fragrant?

    Due to work reasons, it is necessary to bring various devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, USB flash drives, etc. based on the fact that the interfaces are basically unified, in order to reduce the weight, it is necessary to choose small and lightweight devices, such as replacing the charger with a more compact gallium nitride charging head. In addition to charging, it is also necessary to expand the functions of the notebook, such as screen projection, data transmission, etc, Therefore, a fast charging and extension cable with the traditional…

    May 30, 2022 digital
  • PS5 Audio Companion Huiwei m300mk Ⅱ active hifi bookshelf case evaluation report

    Hello everyone, I am 100% late at dusk. Before, the sound effect of playing games and watching movies through the built-in loudspeaker of the TV alone was always unsatisfactory. I always wanted to upgrade my audio equipment. I talked with several enthusiasts and recommended the m300mk Ⅱ of Huiwei. I asked the anchor to try this box several times in their Tiktok live studio. I felt that all aspects met my needs, so I joined the active hifi bookshelf box of Huiwei m300mk Ⅱ. I promised you to write a…

    May 27, 2022 digital
  • The music guide is so simple! 2022 desktop hi fi audio recommendation

    Listen to music and never “ Sit upright ”. Yes “ Emperor’s throne; Of course, it’s good to have an immersive theater, but for most people, one “ Complete set; Simple, even a “ ” Simple stereo / speaker can also bring favorite music. In view of this, we will recommend 10 sets / models of desktop audio suitable for living room, study, bedroom and even kitchen, including desktop hi fi audio pursuing miniaturization and wireless speakers focusing on portability and supporting streaming media applications. Audiolab N8 amplifier + mission…

    May 24, 2022 digital
  • Rocket sound supports ultra-high immersion audio and painting experience, and Toshiba TV 65 inch m540f experience

    Preface Teenagers don’t know what to worry about. They always like to watch more for a while when they go to the Toshiba TV exhibition area in the home appliance store, even if they always play the repeated test film The bright colors of Toshiba TV, like magic, have been printed in my heart. Until now, I can’t forget So when it comes to TV, I always have a feeling called Toshiba When I grow up, I can’t do without all kinds of electronic products. Now I start to evaluate…

    May 10, 2022 digital