• Astronomers have discovered mysterious circular objects, or interstellar products

    A ring-shaped celestial structure formed after the explosion of supernova sn1987a. (NASA/CXC/A. Hobart) Astronomers found a strange ring object in the interstellar space between the Milky way and the nearby Large Magellanic Galaxy (LMC) The square kilometer array Pathfinder telescope (askap) in Western Australia detected the code named j0624 – 6948 signals from celestial bodies One of the main researchers is astronomer Miroslav &middot of Western Sydney University in Australia; Miroslav Filipovic said that the shape of this celestial body is almost perfect ring, and we thought it was another…

    May 17, 2022
  • It’s amazing to suffocate! Saturn’s rise from behind the moon was recorded by astronomers’ telescopes

    Lunar occultation is an astronomical phenomenon, which refers to the shielding phenomenon caused by one celestial body passing between another celestial body and the observer 。 Because the apparent diameter of the moon is much larger than the apparent diameter of stars (or planets), it often obscures the stars (or planets) in the background during its orbit around the earth. This phenomenon is called lunar occultation Screenshots of relevant reports Many media reported such a thing. People saw some incredible shots. These close-up shots showed Saturn rising behind the moon….

    May 9, 2022 science
  • Astronomers have discovered the brightest pulsar known outside the Milky way

    Pulsars are high-speed rotating neutron stars. Because of their strong magnetic field, they will rotate rapidly and emit radio beams. These beams will produce unique timing and polarization characteristics when passing through space. The traditional method of searching for pulsars is to find the flicker in telescope data. Although this is effective, it is easy to miss some pulsars that are too fast or too slow. Therefore, since the first discovery of pulsars, astronomers have been committed to developing efficient and sensitive search methods Now an international research team has…

    May 9, 2022