• If an astronaut dies in space, will the body rot? What kind of process will it go through?

    Previously, there was a project to install human ashes on a satellite and launch them into space When it flies over the head of a loved one, it will prompt through the app, It’s like relatives are still around 。 Artificial satellite This Space funeral The way has been a fire, and some people think, The space environment can preserve the remains better than the earth 。 Do you think that there is an absolute vacuum in the universe? The answer is no, there will be some particles on it…

    May 22, 2022 science
  • The most beautiful post-80s female astronaut: Wang Yaping, from a rural girl to two into space, is also a doctor of Peking University

    Recently, the news of the successful return of three astronauts to earth on a business trip to outer space for half a year has exploded on major news websites, which is also another historic breakthrough in China’s aerospace history. For the first time, the mission of the space group on a business trip for half a year has been successfully completed, once again showing the world the strength of China’s comprehensive strength. Among the three astronauts, one female astronaut also participated in the space mission. She is “ Shenzhou 10…

    May 9, 2022 science
  • Astronauts returned to earth a few months later and found significant changes in their brains

    According to a recent study by researchers at Oregon University of health and science, astronauts’ brains showed significant changes even a few months after returning to earth. In the study, researchers from across the United States compared a series of MRI scans taken by 15 astronauts six months before their stay on the international space station and six months after their return. They used algorithms to carefully assess the size of the space around blood vessels &mdash— It is well known that gaps in brain tissue contribute to fluid balance….

    May 7, 2022