• Up to 35% of people in Asian countries said they would “never travel again”

    Many people in the world are traveling. Data shows that people travel more frequently and for longer. Many people plan to travel in a big way this year But this is not everyone’s reality. Another group of people are quietly coming out of the pandemic and have little interest in traveling again The place where”never travel” is the highest A survey of 16000 adults in 15 countries by the global intelligence company Morning Consult found that Asia has the highest proportion of people who say”never travel again”. According to the”Travel…

    December 20, 2022 travel
  • The 158 Asian American designer made a circle by “shirt + wide leg pants”, showing high temperament, which is worth learning from

    Many women feel that their clothes are not amazing enough. The most important reason is that their body conditions are not superior. In fact, it is likely that you do not wear your own personal style. A person can wear their own personality and attitude with simple style, which is the most comfortable state. Sarah Linh tran, an Asian American designer, is such a woman who is at the forefront of fashion. She is only 158 tall and looks thin and small. However, the matching of a large woman with…

    May 29, 2022 fashion
  • Russian Defense Ministry: 959 people go out of the Asian speed steel plant and surrender

    On the 18th local time, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Ukrainian soldiers and armed personnel of the Asian speed battalion surrounded in the Mariupol Asian speed steel plant are still going out of surrender. A total of 694 people surrendered in the past day and night, including 29 wounded. Since May 16, the total number of people who have surrendered has reached 959, including 80 wounded. (head office reporter Wang Bin, Zhang Yuyao) Source: @ CCTV military

    May 18, 2022
  • Why did the soldiers of the “Asian speed battalion” ask not to shoot them after laying down their weapons

    Why “ Asian speed Camp ” The soldiers laid down their arms and asked not to photograph them. According to “ Member of the Moscow Communist Youth League; MK reported on May 17 that when the second batch of “ Asian speed Camp ” When the soldiers were ready to hand over their weapons, they asked not to film the process Ilya &middot, former member of the supreme Rada of Ukraine; Kiwa( Илья Кива) Explains what these soldiers’ wishes are behind. The surrender of the Ukrainian garrison of Mariupol was…

    May 17, 2022 military
  • The 264 Asian speed militants who surrendered were those non-human sadists

    Deputy representative of the State Duma: the living and dead residents of Mariupol will be the judge of non-human “ Subspeed ” A witness to the crime. Vice president of the State Duma, all Russian veterans public organization “ Battle brotherhood ” The vice chairman commented on yesterday’s loudest event: “ I just want to remind you that the Assyrians who surrendered now are the sadists the residents of Mariupol talk about with fear and hatred. How people were driven out of their apartments to equip shooting points there. How…

    May 17, 2022
  • Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: a new round of negotiations is under way with Russia on the evacuation of personnel from the Asian speed steel plant

    Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister veleshuk said on the 12th local time that Ukraine is currently conducting a new round of negotiations with Russia on the evacuation of personnel from the Yasu steel plant. Representatives of the International Red Cross are contacting Russia to convey relevant information from Ukraine. At the same time, Turkey has agreed to participate in the coordination work Veleshuk said that in addition to the members of the Asian speed battalion, there are also officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, border guards and police personnel…

    May 12, 2022
  • On May 9, the latest development of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Asian speed steel plant has been broken

    The military personnel inside, holding white flags, lined up and raised their hands to surrender. The legendary big fish have also been arrested and are under Russian scrutiny! Today, Russia held a military parade in red square to show the world Russia’s strong national defense strength and its determination to resist US hegemony. Today, the Ukrainian army will take advantage of the Russian military parade to attempt to blow up a bridge in Russia. The Russian army has taken all precautions! The United States encouraged NATO countries to frequently hold…

    May 8, 2022