• “Open source” go modular, plug-in, high-performance front and back-end separation architecture agile development framework

    I. Introduction to open source projects a modular, plug-in and high-performance front end and rear end separation architecture agile development framework meticulously built by go language based on gin, xorm, Vue, elementui, MySQL and other frameworks can quickly build a front end and rear end separation background management system. In line with the original intention of simplifying development and improving development efficiency, the framework has developed a set of personalized components by itself to realize pluggable component-based development, At the same time, for agile and rapid development, the framework specially…

    May 29, 2022 technology
  • Electronic and electrical architecture iteration of ideal vehicle

    Recently, many auto companies have begun to expand the scale of new energy vehicles. In this market segment with relatively high price and brand effect, it is the current trend to focus on the centralized electronic and electrical structure of scientific and technological configuration. Some information recently released by ideal car is worth reading. Thank Xiaokang for sending me the PPT document “layout of intelligent vehicle high computing power platform – ideal vehicle computing power and OS” ▲ Figure 1 Lead to the iteration of computing platform architecture with high…

    May 17, 2022 auto