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  • I don’t know the price increase of app store renewal? Apple’s new rules were cursed

    Subscription is nothing new in the app. Whether it’s streaming media platforms, social media, or productivity tools, many applications we use everyday have such services However, with the popularity of subscription services, people began to realize such a problem: managing these in app subscription services is much more troublesome than getting subscription services with a small hand For a long time, apple devices such as iPhone and Mac have been highly praised for the management of subscribed items on this platform. Users can easily find and manage their subscribed items…

    May 25, 2022 technology
  • 2022.05.23 Apple App Store restricted and free apps recommended

    Don’t bother to look at the pictures. By the way, praise and support it 1. Weather 1.0 (English without internal purchase) the original price is 6 yuan Automatic position tracking and providing weather information; 7-day weather forecast and exquisite animation summary; Opportunities to predict rainfall; UV index value, humidity, wind speed and other data 2. Taobi – circle of friends picture plus word editing software (English without internal purchase) the original price is 98 yuan An easy-to-use image and word adding software. Whether it’s going out for dinner, friends’ travel,…

    May 23, 2022 digital