• As the saying goes: “when people reach 60, they will not make friends or touch each other.” the experience of the ancients is still very reasonable

    life has been in a hurry for decades, more than 100 years at most. This is the limit of human life. Human beings are the most sentimental higher creatures. Therefore, when facing death, although they seem very small, they are still struggling. Therefore, longevity is what human beings hope for. Although longevity has a great relationship with the environment, an old man cannot choose to leave his hometown for longevity. In the old man’s cognition, the place where there is a home is the root. Every old man hopes to…

    May 29, 2022 health
  • How did the ancients measure the diameter of the earth?

    We know that the polar radius of the earth is 6356.752 kilometers. This value was not calculated with modern equipment, but was measured by ancient Egyptian scientists more than 2000 years ago. Although it is not as accurate as it is now, its calculation method still makes those of us who do not understand mathematics and physics gape. So who is this scientist? How did he calculate it His name is eratoseni, He is the first documented person in the world to measure the circumference of the earth . They…

    May 27, 2022 science
  • The ancients said calligraphy stippling

    ◆ the husband’s work points are all leisurely, like a big stone, or like a squatting swan, or like a Imperial battle, or like melon petals, or like chestnuts, stored in the mouth of an osprey, like rat excrement—— On the twelve chapters of brushstroke by Wang Xizhi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty ◆ the point is like the falling stone of the peak, and the new hook is like the early moon in the sky. It’s like a cloud thousands of miles across, and it’s like a withered vine….

    May 7, 2022 culture