• 3 Sanxingdui strange thought: do you doubt the age of Sanxingdui?

    scientists measured the age of Sanxingdui with C14 and obtained a result, that is, 3000 to 5000 years. right? c14 is a radioactive element produced by the collision between cosmic rays and nitrogen atoms. It is an isotope of carbon. I want to know: Among the existing forms of carbon in the earth, C12 accounts for 99% C13 point 1% C14 is only one trillion and most of it exists in the atmosphere, There is less C14 in the biosphere I think the accuracy of measuring time with so few…

    May 28, 2022
  • “Old man’s smell” when you get old? Adhere to 5:00 after the age of 50. It’s generally tasteless when you’re old

    As people grow older and age accelerates, many people will find that they have obvious changes, especially More and more white hair, rough and greasy skin, joint and bone pain in some parts , These are signs of aging. Of course, other details can not be ignored in order to better maintain and improve the quality of life of the elderly. So why do special odors appear in the aging stage Many old people have a special smell. It comes from a rich source, either from the body or from…

    May 21, 2022 health