• African countries of Hitti Eagle strike-12e: Advanced tanks are more than five times that of France

    Recently, it is reported on the Internet that Algeria, an African country, has purchased yingjian-12e or cm-302 supersonic anti-ship missile produced by China. Inadvertently, this country has been equipped with advanced weapons from China, the United States, Russia, Germany and other countries. Chinese weapons If we only observe the ordinary infantry units of the Algerian army, it is not difficult to find that they are still equipped with a large number of 56 impact and sks / 56 semi-automatic rifles. Only sergeants and special forces have changed some more advanced…

    May 24, 2022 military
  • Tang Bei Li Shifeng and Weng Hongyang won the singles, and the Chinese team swept through the African opponents and qualified in advance

    On May 10, Beijing time, the 2022 Thomas Uber Cup continued in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Chinese team qualified ahead of schedule in the Thomas Cup group match. In the face of Algeria, Zhao Junpeng, Li Shifeng, Ren Xiangyu / Tan Qiang, Weng Hongyang, Liu Yuchen / Ou Jiyi took turns to contribute a victory, and China beat Algeria 5-0. The Chinese team, who won both wars, qualified ahead of schedule. The Chinese team sent a young team to play in the Thomas Cup this time, hoping to help the…

    May 10, 2022 sports