The white hole allows you to find another self in the parallel universe

White hole is a new cosmic term in recent years. It is called the “black hole” of the universe; Twin brothers ”. Many people have only heard of black holes, so will there be white holes? Today, let’s talk about “ White hole ” This wonderful celestial body.

We know that a black hole is a kind of celestial body often mentioned in the theory of relativity. It has a strong gravity that can’t escape even light. It can attract the material around it to the nearby material layer. As long as you enter it, you can’t leave. That is to say, a black hole is a kind of “ Only in but not out ” Celestial bodies. On the contrary, Baidong is a strong pull source mentioned in the symmetry of time inversion in general relativity. It is a super highly dense object for high-energy astrophysics research. It is the source of strong gravity, and constantly ejects material to the outside, eventually forming a white hole. According to the white hole theory, the core of quasars is also likely to be a white hole, so many celestial phenomena are related to the white hole, such as the star explosion, the big bang and so on.

Researchers believe that the white hole and the black hole circulate mutually. When the material is swallowed by the black hole, the mass of the black hole’s suction cup will increase. When the suction cup exceeds the load, it will be released from the white hole and reappear in the universe. The direct result is that the stars explode or expand due to the huge gravity. Even some scientists believe that the formation of the white hole is inseparable from the big bang, which is why many celestial phenomena are related to the white hole. Of course, there is another case. The material swallowed into the black hole does not die, but exists in another way. If a man is swallowed into a black hole, the result is that he will be “ Spit ” Come out. This process is like a slide. We go in and slide out. This is what people often say. If one day you are accidentally swallowed by a black hole, maybe you will find another truth in the white hole.

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