Is the Great Wall in the universe, which is 1.3 billion light-years old, the boundary of the universe or the huge wall?

In October 2003, several professors from Princeton University announced the discovery of a giant cosmic wall composed of galaxies, which they called ‘ Sloan Great Wall ’. The Sloan Great Wall is the second largest structure in the known universe. It is about 1 billion light-years away from the earth, and its length has reached an amazing 1.37 billion light-years, which is three times the length of the cfa2 Great Wall discovered in 1989

 Is the Great Wall in the universe, which is 1.3 billion light-years old, the boundary of the universe or the huge wall

Many galaxies together form the Sloan Great Wall, so scientists turn it into a large-scale filamentous structure. When drawing the 3D image of the position of hundreds of millions of galaxies in the Sloan sky survey observation data, people really found the giant wall of cosmic galaxies. In the Sloan Great Wall, there are countless galaxies and interstellar materials that form a huge network structure circling in space

 Is the Great Wall in the universe, which is 1.3 billion light-years old, the boundary of the universe or the huge wall

Looking at the whole universe, it seems messy and irregular, but in fact it is hierarchical and orderly. The universe seems to be a precise life body, embedded and interconnected layer by layer. The universe starts from the planet earth. When the planet is above the solar system, the solar system is above the Milky way, the Milky way system is above the local galaxy cluster system, the galaxy cluster system is above the local supergalaxy cluster, and above this is a larger supergalaxy

 Is the Great Wall in the universe, which is 1.3 billion light-years old, the boundary of the universe or the huge wall

Each system is composed of several low-level systems, which are maintained and influenced by gravity. The Sloan Great Wall is a very special structure. Strictly speaking, it is a combination of galaxy clusters, which does not belong to the gravitational celestial system or the cosmic structure. It is produced due to uneven fluctuations in a very short time after the birth of the universe

 Is the Great Wall in the universe, which is 1.3 billion light-years old, the boundary of the universe or the huge wall

The galaxy members of the great wall of Sloan do not always lean together, but happen to meet in one place, thus forming a huge wall of the universe that shocked mankind. Because of its special composition, the great wall of Sloan has become a symbol for people to divide the region of the universe. In other words, the great wall of Sloan is unstable and is likely to disappear in billions of years

 Is the Great Wall in the universe, which is 1.3 billion light-years old, the boundary of the universe or the huge wall

Through the study of the Sloan Great Wall, it is found that from a macro point of view, the Sloan Great Wall is very similar to the network of human brain cells. We don’t know whether it is coincidence or necessity. There are many coincidences in the universe. However, we may never find the answer to these coincidences

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