Why do I like older women? What kind of psychology is this?

Why do I like older women?

The first thing I want to say is that this is neither a problem nor a shame.

Like mature women, everywhere, but many people do not say it. Just like many girls have”big brother control” and”big uncle control”.

For a long time, it has become a custom for men to be older than women. This is probably related to the social status of men and women. Women have long been subordinate to men and have no independent status. Older unmarried women must be different, or married women. In the era of”marry the chicken with the chicken, marry the dog with the dog”, the remarriage of a married woman can be regarded as big news, and the marriage of a younger man should be a big news. In those days, I liked older women, but only lusted.

Habit makes it”sick” to like older women. This is the diagnosis report given by custom.

Facts have proved that the cow likes to eat tender grass, the mother also likes fresh meat, and both the Oedipus complex and the Oedipus complex exist.

On the issue of marriage and love between men and women, the most important thing is emotion. When the emotion is in place, the feeling is found, and love really exists, it is found. If it is only a physiological response, if it is only a hope of psychological dependence, the foundation is too weak.

People are also fickle creatures. When some differences are revealed, no matter age or status or wealth, there will be no emotional basis, and the contradiction will expand day by day, and the good days will come to an end.

Love, regardless of race, region or size. You love me, I love you, heart to heart, depend on each other, this is very rare. It is also a kind of happiness in life to live together and grow old together.

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