What are the hidden rules of the engineering industry?

I have worked in the engineering unit for nearly 10 years. Let me talk about my views on the hidden rules of the engineering unit industry

Let’s see what the hidden rules are“hidden rule” refers to a rule that cannot be seen, is not prescribed in the text, is conventional, has no limitations, but is widely recognized and actually works. People must”follow” a rule, compared with”meta rule” and”explicit rule”.

But the hidden rules we understand in daily life refer to the dark side of society. According to its definition, it also has a positive side.

Let’s get back to the point. What are the hidden rules of the engineering industry

I. Units of different nature are classified

The engineering industry includes the owner unit, design unit, supervision unit, general construction contractor, construction team and supplier from top to bottom. They have a strong sense of hierarchy. For example, a project manager who has worked for decades in the construction unit may be scolded by a young man who has just worked in the owner unit, and the irascible young man will directly scold at the meeting.

The technology of the construction unit can also be said to be the manager of the supplier.

The general engineering industry has the following levels of owners> Designer> Supervision unit> General construction contractor> Construction team> Supplier

Even the workers of the construction team are in front of the manufacturer. Why? The reason is very simple. When your equipment arrives, if the labor workers don’t install it for you, you have to wait, so the manufacturer has to ask them, so every time the manufacturer arrives and orders goods, it should count the construction unit, the construction team and the supervisor.

Second, the leader told you that the salary increase was deceiving you

Every time the project manager promised you a position and salary increase, which was mostly deceiving. When the project was completed, he might not be the manager of the project, or he would say the same thing to you in the next project, so don’t believe what he said, because the salary increase is controlled by the company, The project manager has no right to raise salary

Third, your salary at the construction site may not be as high as that of a cook, And I was still technical. It was said that the cook was a relative of a leader of the company, who paid 10000 yuan

So the headquarters have backgrounds, so you can’t go without them

Fourth, the leaders of the winery said that the representative style of wine style is fake

The engineering industry personnel all love drinking and smoking, especially wine as an indispensable thing for parties, signing, and negotiating contracts. They often hear theproject manager say that wine style is making style. In fact, it is he who deceives you. It is you who get drunk and hurt yourself.He doesn’t even know what he said at the table afterwards, How can I see your style? What really matters is your private transaction with the project manager

5. The beautiful girls in the unit can’t be chased

If you don’t have a high position and a hard relationship in the construction team unit, then don’t chase the beautiful girls. When you chase,all kinds of hatred and small shoes will come to you, because the engineering industry itself is separated by men and women. If you are together and still a beautiful girlfriend, then everyone will envy you, Find all kinds of things to hurt you

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