Yubei an Xiying won Sindu again, and South Korea swept India to rank first in the group

 Youbei an Xiying wins Sindu again, and South Korea sweeps India to rank first in the group and advance

On May 11, Beijing time, the 2022 Thomas Uber Cup cup continued in Bangkok, Thailand. The South Korean team swept India 5-0 in the battle for the first place in group D of the uebe cup, and they ranked first in the group.

Both South Korea and India have locked their qualification before the game. The direct dialogue between the two teams will decide the first place in the group. The South Korean team sent an Xiying, Jin Jiaen and Shen Yujing in singles. Their two doubles combinations are Li Zhaoxi / Shen shengzan and Jin Huizhen / Kong Xirong. The South Korean team has strong strength in women’s doubles. They have two pairs of combinations, which are among the top women’s doubles. In addition, an Xiying has been in good shape recently. The South Korean team has the strength to attack the UEFA Cup champion. They are one of the strong enemies of China and Japan. They will be in a relatively good position to qualify for the Group Cup, especially if they are in the top two of the Group Cup. The Indian team also attached great importance to the title battle. Sindu, Kashyap and Charlie HA were sent in singles and Mishra / Singh and krasto / Jolie in doubles.

 Youbei an Xiying wins Sindu again, and South Korea sweeps India to rank first in the group and advance

The first game was a strong dialogue between an Xiying and Sindu. The previous confrontation between them was that an Xiying had a 4-0 advantage, and she won 2-0 in all four games. In this year’s Korean open, an Xiying also won 2-0. After the start of the game, the two drew several times, and the lead changed for many times. After five draws, Sindu led with three points in a row. After the game, Sindu once opened the advantage to 5 points, but an Xiying tried to counter attack. When she fell behind 13-15, she scored 8 points in a row and 21-15. She reversed and won the first game.

Sindu had a good start in the second set, and soon led 5-2 and 9-4. At this time, an Xiying launched a counterattack again and scored 7 points in a row to achieve the anti super. After the break between the innings, an Xiying maintained the pressure of attack. She withstood the impact of Sindu and firmly maintained the lead. 21-14, she won another game to win 2-0, and the South Korean team took the lead 1-0.

 Youbei an Xiying wins Sindu again, and South Korea sweeps India to rank first in the group and advance

The second game was a double match between the two teams. The strength of Li Zhaoxi / Shen shengzan was significantly stronger than their opponents. They beat Mishra / Singh of India 2-0 (21-13, 21-12) in only 39 minutes, and the South Korean team expanded the total score to 2-0. The third game was a duel between the two teams. Jin Jiaen’s overall strength was higher than Kashyap. Jin Jiaen won by two 21-10 in only 30 minutes, and South Korea locked the victory in advance by 3-0.

 Youbei an Xiying wins Sindu again, and South Korea sweeps India to rank first in the group and advance

In the next two games, the South Korean team still had an advantage. Jin Huizhen / Kong Xirong defeated krasto / Jolie 2-0 (21-14, 21-11), Shen Yujing also defeated Charlie ha 2-0 (21-18, 21-17), and the South Korean team swept India 5-0.

South Korea ranked first in group D with three wins, and India ranked second with 2-1. They qualified together. In another game of the group, Canada narrowly beat the United States 3-2, ranking third and fourth in the group respectively.

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