Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

From a global perspective, among the countries that retain the death penalty, the main execution methods in modern times include electric chair, hanging, beheading, shooting and injection; However, the pain caused by the death penalty is different due to different execution methods. If we have to say which way of execution is the most cruel, it should be stone criminal law

Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

The death penalty is a kind of capital punishment, also known as life penalty, which takes depriving the life of the condemned person as the penalty. Of the more than 200 countries and regions in the world, about 55 retain the death penalty. The way of execution is also very different. In modern times, shooting and injection are the main methods, but in the past, such cruel execution methods as fire, insect bite, blunt attack, and crushing are also more common.

China is one of the countries that retain the death penalty. In fact, in recent years, we have abolished some charges of applying the death penalty, but for some criminals who commit serious crimes and have a bad impact, the death penalty is the most deterrent and warning punishment, which is probably the main reason for retaining the death penalty.

In the past, the execution of death penalty in China was mainly executed by shooting. Since 1997, we have incorporated the death penalty by injection into the execution mode, forming the coexistence of shooting and injection. China is the second country in the world to introduce the injection of death penalty after the United States, and then the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries also use it as a way of execution of the death penalty.

Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

The reason why countries include the injection of death penalty is actually humanitarian. Compared with the shooting, the injection of death penalty is not only more humane on the surface, but also will not be”popular”. More importantly, it will almost bring no physical pain to the condemned

Why is there almost no pain in injecting death penalty? If we explain it simply, the drugs used in the injection of death penalty are not what we think of as”poison”. In fact, there are three kinds of drugs for injection of death penalty, namely thiopental sodium, baculon and potassium chloride, all of which are non-toxic or low-toxic. The reason why they can end their lives is that they gradually die of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest by intravenous injection under the condition of”performing their duties” of the three drugs, rather than relying on highly toxic drugs.

It is also worth mentioning that thiopental sodium is one of the drug components, and its role is to make the death penalty prisoners lose consciousness. It is also because thiopental sodium has the effect of making people lose consciousness, so theoretically the person who is executed can not feel pain, and may have psychological pain before execution at most. In the state of unconsciousness, the respiratory failure and muscle paralysis caused by Buffalon can not be felt by the executive. Potassium chloride is used to accelerate the heart rate, so as to promote the effect throughout the body. Auxiliary acceleration is its main function.

From the perspective of the non-toxic ingredients of drugs and the principle of death, the executed person can not feel pain naturally, which is why the injection of death penalty is the most humane way of execution. In fact, if not from the perspective of principle, the three drugs are also used for”euthanasia”, and the drug composition and proportion are almost the same as euthanasia. Since euthanasia can not feel pain, the same is true for injection of death penalty.

Although the death penalty by injection makes the death penalty less painful and more humane, compared with the execution by shooting, the cost of the death penalty by injection is higher and the environmental requirements are higher. It is necessary to establish a special drug injection room or drug injection vehicle. Compared with the execution by shooting only in the open area, the investment and cost are undoubtedly huge. It is also based on the consideration of cost, so we have not completely abandoned the shooting at this stage. Most areas are still dominated by the shooting, and there are still a few cities such as Kunming in Yunnan Province that completely bid farewell to the shooting

To sum up, if the injection of death penalty alone can bring pain to prisoners, there is no doubt that the sense of pain is the lowest of all execution methods, even without any pain.

Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

Of course, the application of lethal injection is not very wide. At present, shooting is still the mainstream way of execution. However, although the shooting is not so”decent”, there is no pain in fact. After all, the shooting is the key part, which can kill in an instant. Before the pain is transmitted to the brain through nerve stimulation, the death penalty has actually fallen. Therefore, the pain of shooting can also be ignored, unless it is”shot repair”, but the probability of shot repair is very low, usually one shot is killed.

Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

If you have to say that the most painful way of execution is”stone punishment”Stone punishment is a very old way of execution, and is also widely considered as the most cruel way of execution. Although it is ancient and some countries have abolished this method of execution, some countries that believe in Islam, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Indonesia, still retain this ancient and cruel method of execution.

The so-called stone punishment means that the prisoner’s lower body is buried in the sand, and then people hold stones to beat him until he dies. The harm and pain caused by this process to prisoners are self-evident. More importantly, the stones were specially selected in advance to bring strong pain to the prisoners, so as to achieve maximum punishment and effect.

Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

In addition to stone punishment, the execution methods such as hanging and electrocution, based on the fact that they can not die instantly, will also cause pain to prisoners, but not as obvious as stone punishment.

To sum up, when executing the death penalty, whether the prisoner can feel pain depends on the execution method. If it is the injection of death penalty or the shooting, the pain is very small, or almost no. If you encounter hanging, electrocution, or stoning, that’s another matter

Do prisoners feel pain when they are executed? What is the basis?

Although the crime of the prisoner is extremely serious, the deprivation of his right to life is also made after the trial in accordance with the law. The purpose is to punish him and serve as a warning to others, which is justifiable in itself.

But from the perspective of humanitarianism, can we minimize their suffering while depriving them of their lives? Can we give them the last dignity? In fact, this is also the requirement of personality protection. Of course, the judicial systems of different countries are different, and we cannot comment on the way of execution

At present, there are only two ways to execute the death penalty in our country: shooting and injection. These two ways of execution have almost no sense of pain. This is also the most intuitive manifestation of our judicial progress and the guarantee of personality for everyone. It is commendable.

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