When Sasuke fought with Kakasi after killing Tanzang, he looked down on Kakasi while using Qianniao. What do you think?

He came uninvited. After the battle between Sasuke and Tuanzhizang, Sasuke was very inflated at this time. After Kakasi arrived, he also looked down on Kakasi very much
When Sasuke fought with Kakasi after killing Tanzang, he looked down on Kakasi while using Qianniao. What do you think?

In the growth history of Sasuke, two people have played a huge role, one is Kakashi, and the other is Big Snake Pill. Kakashi can be said to be Sasuke’s enlightenment teacher. Kakasi taught Sasuke a lot, and even gave Sasuke his original ninja. It can be said that Kakasi helped Sasuke a lot, and treated Sasuke as his own son.

But the big snake pill cultivates Sasuke to treat Sasuke as a container, so Kakasi is better for Sasuke. After Sasuke defeated Tuanzang, he initially mastered Tsuzuo Nenghu. At this time, Sasuke was very expansive
When Sasuke fought with Kakasi after killing Tanzang, he looked down on Kakasi while using Qianniao. What do you think?

At this time, Sasuke felt that his own strength had been able to beat Kakasi, so he completely ignored Kakasi. In addition, Sasuke’s idea at this time is to destroy Kiba, and Kakasi is the general of Kiba, so Sasuke must have no good attitude towards Kakasi.

Sasuke is extreme compared with Naruto. Every decision is very irrational, so this behavior is understandable
When Sasuke fought with Kakasi after killing Tanzang, he looked down on Kakasi while using Qianniao. What do you think?

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