2022.6.6 quick summary of Apple WWDC press conference

 2022.6.6 quick summary of Apple WWDC press conference


screen lock function

Wallpaper portrait and background combined design notice bottom pop-up lock screen sync app capability focus mode get through widget


Join recall and unread and get through with FaceTime


Privacy protection of dictation adding emoticons to dictation

live text

Real time copy and translation of video text directly extract elements from photos copy apple pay

add certificates

Pay later function order tracking to get through the status tracking of payment data


Add the estimated fare to the single vehicle display position, and add the immersion experience


Add free sports information

family share

Control family members’ screen time to share photo albums and remind them of safety check: quickly identify which shared privacy can be cut off


Cross ecological platform IOT protocol Unicom content interface reconstruction


The overall reconstruction of the dashboard and central control a large number of car manufacturers cooperated deeply

watch os

the new dial callkit opened up developers’ standard running posture and accurate data to provide suggestions for sleep data, more in-depth and detailed drug reminders Scan the medicine bottle to directly identify the medicine

mac os

m2 chip MacBook Air Blue Gold MacBook Pro old version update M2 chip (the old mold seems to continue to be used) add a fast switching window spotlight more efficiently add passkeysmetalfx upscale to increase rendering ability FaceTime relay from iPhone to Mac through iPhone and MAC as camera


added weather, weather kitcollaboration:page, new collaborative freeform tools in Safari, collaborative whiteboard metal3 rendering capability, background downloading capability, desktop class, reference mode memory exchange capability stage, added window functions, and displayed different windows

overall analysis

      macbook air M2 was the highlight of the audience, and Apple’s M chip became a common practice in the MBA, The MBA Series is expected to change its ID to add blue and gold, which is very attractive. Ipados keeps pace with the MAC in terms of multi page switching ability, and windows can be stacked to further increase productivity and sales. From the perspective of positioning, iPad is still the main mobile intelligent device, and its core competitiveness is the ability of painting and calligraphy. There is still a big gap between MAC and Productivity Ecology. The new interactive design of Carplay indicates the deep cooperation with the manufacturer. The standards from the instrument panel to the central control screen are the same, changing the strong universal single screen model of Carplay. Release a signal. From the perspective of vehicle machine collaboration, apple continues to penetrate the system level, trying to gain more experience to support vehicle R & D. Most of the core competencies in the audience are emphasizing the ability to protect privacy. The capabilities from hardware to software continue to deepen barriers and users’ minds

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