The cause of death of Master P’s daughter, Tyyana Miller, is revealed

Fortunately, five months after Master P announced the death of his daughter Tyyana Miller, the cause of her death has been revealed.

Master P Tytyana Miller New details of the death have been revealed

The cause of death of Master P's daughter, Tyyana Miller, is revealed

According to the Los Angeles County coroner, the 25-year-old man died of accidental fentanyl poisoning on May 27

Fans first learned about Tyyana’s death on May 29, when Master P announced that he and his family were”suffering great sorrow” after her death

“We thank all the prayers for their love and support,” the 52 year old rapper wrote on Instagram at the time.”Mental illness and drug abuse is a real problem that we can’t be afraid to talk about. With God, we will get through. # MyAngel.”

Two months later, he described in detail the great grief he faced

“It’s hard,” he said in CBS morning program told Galkin.”Coming from poverty, you will think that you will live longer than your children. This is the mission. I think, to attend my daughter’s funeral, I think I went to my own funeral. I don’t even want to go to no funeral anymore.”

Her father recalled that Tiniana’s attitude towards her hip-hop growth Her addiction is open. After a recent rehabilitation training, she has been”on the right track”

The cause of death of Master P's daughter, Tyyana Miller, is revealed

“My daughter has a lot of life left,””Let them say ah!” The artist continued, noticing that she had been writing a book.”She is a happy woman who knows she can do better tomorrow.”

“I sympathize with all those who lost their children,” he said, noting that he was working with the National Alliance for Mental Disorders to reduce the taboo on talking.”I said I wanted to turn my pain into passion, and I wanted to turn it into a goal, because I couldn’t get my daughter back. I loved her. I thought about her every day. It took me and my family to experience something I couldn’t stop thinking about, but I realized I had to leave here to help and save other children.”

The cause of death of Master P's daughter, Tyyana Miller, is revealed

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