Chaos! Chaos! Is it “long arm jurisdiction” that the Basketball Association punishes Xinjiang Guanghui Club?

This is under the jurisdiction of the Basketball Association. Since Xinjiang Guanghui Club has chosen to join the CBA, it is equivalent to defaulting to all rules and regulations formulated by the CBA. As the superior supervision department, the actual leader and the rulemaker, the Basketball Association has the right to impose administrative penalties on the clubs within its jurisdiction.

In the final analysis, the professionalization and marketization of Chinese basketball is not enough. The Basketball Association is nominally a mass organization, but in fact it still follows the bureaucratic system. Without complete marketization, we cannot use the survival of the fittest in the market to remove some inherent stubborn diseases.

The cause of the matter still lies in Zhou Qi, because his disagreement with Xinjiang Guanghui Club on the contract has not been successfully resolved. He reported the club’s illegal registration.

Chaos! Chaos! Is it "long arm jurisdiction" that the Basketball Association punishes Xinjiang Guanghui Club?

After investigation, the Basketball Association finally issued a ruling on the 17th, confirming that Xinjiang Guanghui Club seriously violated the Registration Management Measures of the China Basketball Association, which constituted a registration violation. The contract between Zhou Qi and Xinjiang Guanghui is invalid and becomes a free agent.

To tell the truth, illegal operation is very common. It is also a hidden rule on the desktop to implement the procedure first and then make up for it. However, if you want to make progress in CBA, you must faithfully follow the rules and regulations. It is not about human feelings here, it is all decided by the market. It is also a kind of progress that the Basketball Association wants to move towards professionalism.

Chaos! Chaos! Is it "long arm jurisdiction" that the Basketball Association punishes Xinjiang Guanghui Club?

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