Is it possible for an ordinary high school to enter a school like Peking University and Tsinghua University?

No. To be sure, there is no possibility for students in ordinary high schools to enter Tsinghua University.

Generally speaking, it is the top key high schools that gather the top teachers and concentrate on cultivating the”excellent class” and”top class”. Even so, the students who gather the strength of the whole school and finally get into Tsinghua University and Peking University are just a few or more lucky candidates.

Because every year, the number of places admitted by Tsinghua University and Peking University in one province is only about a hundred people. (Except for special areas, I understand.)

From the perspective of China’s current examination mechanism of the high school entrance examination, the high school entrance examination has already completed a round of screening. Students admitted to the General High School have been eliminated in terms of intelligence, knowledge, self-discipline and willpower.

If you want to counter attack in the three years of high school and compete with the same class of students who are far ahead in key high schools, it is very difficult.

Besides, we must face up to the learning environment of Pugao. How about teachers? How receptive is the student group?

Even if you are gifted and smart, and even if there are expert teachers willing to”hide in” ordinary high school, it can’t be three years in high school. The classroom teachers only teach according to your own learning level, right?

What’s more, how many people in the key high schools that meet the two”even” conditions can be admitted to the north of the Qing Dynasty?

Under the current selection and elimination mechanism of the secondary school entrance examination, the whole nation now attaches great importance to the children’s examination and performance, and parents make every effort to create the possibility of improving the children’s academic performance. In the face of this competition, the students of ordinary senior high schools make every effort to make up for lessons in many ways, and finally can be admitted to 985 colleges and universities. (Basically not.)

You can go to the ordinary high school and ask (Baidu) about the college entrance examination enrollment in the past three, five and ten years.

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