What species are flooding in China?

Can species be overrun in China? On the surface, at present, most of the flying, running and swimming animals in China have become protected animals. Even the Asian carp, which are rampant in the United States, may not live to adulthood in China’s wild waters, and the crayfish, which is a headache for many countries, are called”the most failed invasive species” by netizens.

So, is it true that no species can be overrun in ChinaThe answer is obviously no, because no country in the world can escape the trouble of invasive species flooding.

What species are flooding in China?

The species that have flooded in China

can be divided into two categories: one is thenative species, and the other is theinvasive species. Let’s take a look at the flooding species in these two categories.

First, indigenous species

It is a common phenomenon in China that most wild animals have become protected animals, ranging from elephants and tigers to birds and frogs. However, these protected animals are not all pots for human consumption, and even some species have little to do with human consumption. For example, elephants are hunted crazily because people see the value of their ivory, and tigers are hunted because of their fur and bones.

What species are flooding in China?

Of course, the endangerment of many species has a great relationship with human consumption, such as the finch, Chinese sturgeon, Chinese soft-shelled turtle, and so on. Although there are many food products in China, there is one native species that the food products are afraid of. It is wild boar.

At present, wild boar has been in a flood situation in many provinces of China. Many people say that this is because wild boar is the third national protected animal. But in fact, animal protection is only a small factor. The most important thing is that wild boar is too difficult to kill. In the past, it was good. There are many hunters, there are hunting guns, and it can be done with traps.

What species are flooding in China?

However, it is different now. Wild boars with rough skin and thick meat are not easy to deal with with with cold weapons. The most important thing is that they run fast, are big, and have powerful tusks. Once crazy, several adults are not rivals. Therefore, the current regional flooding of wild boars is not the reason for protection, but the reason for their lack of natural enemies.

In the past, the number of wild boars was relatively stable, because in the wild environment, they were restricted by wolves, tigers, leopards and other carnivores, but in the process of artificially killing wolves, tigers, leopards and other wild animals, these wild boars had fewer and fewer natural enemies, which eventually made their number out of control. That is to say, this is the result of artificially killing wild animals and destroying the original ecological chain.

What species are flooding in China?

The next is invasive species

As soon as there is a news on the Internet that the species of any country are in flood, the food lovers will rise up. It is undeniable that China has a large number of food products and strong strength. However, in spite of this, China is also a big country of alien species invasion. According to the 2019 Bulletin of the State of China’s Ecological Environment issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, there are as many as 660 invasive species in China, of which 215 have invaded the national nature reserves. Let’s give three simple examples (one plant, two animals).

Plant representative:”king of weeds” water peanut

The water peanut is not a peanut that grows in water, but because its leaves are similar to those of peanuts, and it also lives in water, so it gets its name. In fact, water peanut is its common name. Its scientific name is Alternanthera philoxeroides. It belongs to the plant of Amaranth family, which is the same family as our common Amaranth.

What species are flooding in China?

Peanut is a plant native to South America. The reason why it can travel across the sea to China is due to the Japanese. As early as the 1930s, when the Japanese invaders invaded China, they brought a large number of horses. In order to meet the food needs of the horses, Japan introduced the peanuts imported from South America to Japan into China.

Later, people in many regions found that water peanuts grow rapidly and belong to relatively high-quality feed, so they also introduced them in various provinces. However, people underestimate the strength of water peanuts. They begin to take root and sprout in rivers, lakes, ponds and other wild water bodies under artificial dispersal.

What species are flooding in China?

Because of their strong adaptability and their ability to reproduce asexually (a length of stem can grow into a new individual), they quickly crowded out the original aquatic plants in the water, forming a dominant family. When people tried to clean them up, they found that the root could not clean them up completely. Because of their characteristics of asexual reproduction, they would soon dominate the water again.

As a result, water peanuts began to flood in many parts of China. They not only seriously affected the local aquatic plants, but also made the water body swamp and affected the survival of aquatic animals.

Although China has introduced the natural enemy of water peanut – water peanut leaf beetle from South America, it is impossible to completely solve the flooding situation at present.

What species are flooding in China?

Animal representatives: crayfish and scavengers

The crayfish is a necessary wine for the barbecue stall in summer. At present, the crayfish in China has a considerable scale to meet the market demand. On the surface, the crayfish invasion failed. But is it true?

First of all, crayfish, also known as crayfish krill, is a kind of crayfish native to North America. The reason why it can cross the sea to come to China is the same as that of peanuts. Because crayfish was first introduced from the United States by Japan, the purpose of which is to eat, of course, so in 1929, the Japanese invaders also brought the native crayfish to China.

What species are flooding in China?

Later, because crayfish have no natural enemies in China’s freshwater waters, and their adaptability and reproductive ability are very strong, they began to flood China. Fortunately, China’s culinary culture is extensive and profound, and the lobster is made into a series of delicacies with garlic paste, braised sauce, thirteen spices and other condiments, which can curb the further flooding of lobster.

However, with the increasing demand of Chinese for crayfish and the rise of aquaculture industry, there is a phenomenon that crayfish in wild waters are not targeted except for rural children, which makes them still active and dominant in China’s wild waters.

What species are flooding in China?

Such crayfish still pose a threat to China’s native freshwater lobster, which is still breaking the original balance of the ecological chain. It can be seen that it is OK to rely on food to solve the problem of breeding animals. Once you want to catch the food yourself, you will be discouraged. Therefore, crayfish is still an invasive species in China.

What species are flooding in China?

As for the scavenger (scientific name:.

However, people only know that it is a kind of fish, and little is known about its origin and strength. Therefore, when some people do not want to raise fish, they will release the fish in the fish tank together with the scavenger, and even some people will buy the scavenger for release.

What species are flooding in China?

When more and more scavengers enter the wild water through artificial release, they reveal their true colors. As a kind of fish that eats everything, they have a very strong survival ability. Moreover, scavengers have a habit of eating the eggs of other fish. During the breeding period of other fish, an adult scavenger can eat an average of about 4000 eggs a day.

It is precisely because of this way of killing all fish, once the scavengers in the water form a certain scale, it is difficult to see other fish again.

What species are flooding in China?

At the end of the article, many people don’t know enough about invasive species. In fact, invasive species are a headache for all countries in the world, because once they invade successfully, they will seriously affect the survival of native organisms and bring a huge blow to the originally balanced ecological chain. Such fish as scavengers can even make other fish in the water extinct.

The same is true of crayfish. They have always been regarded as a”joke”, but the real joke is the person who watches the joke, because they are still active in China’s wild freshwater system as an invasive species today.

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