When the Iranian fleet arrived in the Americas, the Bush was ready in the Mediterranean, and the nuclear bombing cooperated with military exercises

Some time ago, the French navy has released a message that two Iranian surface ships were found in the waters near French Polynesia. At the same time, the French side also dispatched the Falcon 200 anti-submarine patrol aircraft to carry out aerial verification and identification. The Iranian navy ships can be clearly seen from the photos published by France, while from the perspective of location, Polynesia is located in the South Pacific, This also means that Iran’s surface ships have reached the waters near the South Pacific after a long sea voyage. Now Iran has also taken the initiative to publicly announce that two warships of the Iranian navy have arrived in South America. This is the first time Iran has sent surface ships to the American continent for operations. After going to South America, Iran’s surface ships will dock in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When the Iranian fleet arrived in the Americas, the Bush was ready in the Mediterranean, and the nuclear bombing cooperated with military exercises

On the surface, Iran’s surface ships only appeared in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in South America. But in fact, the Iranian navy’s action is a kind of insult to the United States, because the United States has been imposing sanctions and deterrence on Iran. Now, Iran’s action has appeared at the door of the United States military. It is clear that Iran’s action has humiliated the United States, The United States also used its own nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to deter Iran. According to the news reported by the media, the US Navy’s USS Bush nuclear-powered aircraft carrier has now launched into the Mediterranean. The purpose of the USS Bush nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to go to the Mediterranean is very clear. It is to cooperate with Israel’s joint military exercises in the future.

When the Iranian fleet arrived in the Americas, the Bush was ready in the Mediterranean, and the nuclear bombing cooperated with military exercises

According to the information released by the United States, the United States and Iran will conduct a bilateral joint military exercise code-named”Juniper Oak”, which is also the largest joint military exercise conducted by the United States and Israel in 2023. In this joint military exercise, the two sides will use the Bosh nuclear-powered aircraft carrier strike group and the B-52H strategic bomber. Now at the critical moment when the Bush nuclear-powered aircraft carrier arrives in the Mediterranean, The United States also took off as many as seven B-52H strategic bombers in a row. The seven B-52H strategic bombers flew over New Jersey and New York on January 25.

When the Iranian fleet arrived in the Americas, the Bush was ready in the Mediterranean, and the nuclear bombing cooperated with military exercises

For the United States, the Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and the Air Force’s strategic bomber have always been the most effective weapons and equipment to deter competitors. Now, the United States has used the Bush nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and the B-52H strategic bomber at the same time, which also shows that the United States wants to take this opportunity to exert pressure on Iran, but it is clear that Iran is not afraid, because Iran is about to receive strong support from Russia.

When the Iranian fleet arrived in the Americas, the Bush was ready in the Mediterranean, and the nuclear bombing cooperated with military exercises

According to the plan, Russia is about to deliver the Su-35 multi-purpose fighter to Iran. Although the first batch of Su-35 multi-purpose fighter is only 24, the first batch of Su-35 multi-purpose fighter will be delivered to Iran before March 21. After Iran obtains the Su-35 multi-purpose fighter, the combat effectiveness of the Iranian air force will be greatly improved. After the improvement of combat effectiveness, Iran will also have the confidence to challenge Israel and the United States. Wen/Iris

When the Iranian fleet arrived in the Americas, the Bush was ready in the Mediterranean, and the nuclear bombing cooperated with military exercises

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