Today’s World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

I. Switzerland vs Cameroon

Switzerland entered the top 8 of the World Cup in 1934, 1938 and 1954, which was the best performance of the team. From the 1970s to the end of the 20th century, Switzerland was rarely seen in the World Cup. Since 2006, Switzerland has also become a regular visitor to the World Cup with the growing strength of the team. However, it basically acts as a spoiler and can often be promoted from the group matches, but it always stops in the last 16.

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

In the European qualifiers of this World Cup, Switzerland defeated Italy, the winner of the four World Cup, and directly qualified for the finals as the first in the group. In Group G, Brazil’s paper strength is one notch higher than other teams, and Switzerland’s main opponents will be Serbia and Cameroon. Coincidentally, in the last World Cup, Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia were divided into one group. As a result, Brazil and Switzerland ranked first and second in the group, Serbia third and Costa Rica bottom. The three teams of this World Cup met again, only to replace Costa Rica with Cameroon.

The Swiss head coach is Murat Yakin, a native of Switzerland. He is 48 years old and has been coaching Switzerland since 2021. The main star of Switzerland in active service is effective in Arsenal’s Zaka. This season, he has performed well in the club, and has taken the main position. He is also the captain of the Swiss national team and the engine of the midfield.

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

Cameroon is the African national team that has qualified for the World Cup the most times. They have been shortlisted for seven times, respectively in 1982, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2010 and 2014. The 1990 World Cup was Cameroon’s most amazing performance. In the opening match, Cameroon vs Argentina, the previous champion, dared to fight and won 1-0, which was impressive; In the second game, they defeated Romania, a strong European team, 2 to 1. After two rounds of war, they had locked their place in advance. Although they were defeated by the Soviet Union 0 to 4 in the last round, they still qualified as the first in the group. Cameroon narrowly defeated Colombia 2-1 in the knockout match of the last 16 games; The last eight games ended the World Cup by defeating England 2-3. Since then, the African team has entered the last eight again, which is Senegal 12 years later.

In the African qualifying match of this World Cup, Cameroon, with the advantage of scoring many goals away from home, eliminated Algeria, which ranked higher than FIFA, and was promoted. In the World Cup group drawing, Switzerland and Serbia are not weak in Cameroon’s Group G, and Brazil is one of the favorites to win the World Cup. Therefore, it is not easy for Cameroon to enter the knockout stage.

The head coach of Cameroon is Rigbett Song, a 46 year old native of Cameroon. He once represented Cameroon in the 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2010 World Cup as a player, and was the backbone of the team’s defense at that time. In February this year, he was appointed head coach of the team. The current Cameroon stars are mainly Shubo Motin who plays for Bayern Munich. He has played 45 times for the national team and scored 16 goals, which is the main scorer of the team; Goalkeeper Ronaldo Onana is currently the main goalkeeper of Inter Milan in Serie A.

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

The prediction direction of the results:The Swiss team has great strength, and they qualified successfully in the 2014 and 2018 World Cups respectively. In addition, Switzerland has also played in A-level leagues in the European national leagues in recent three seasons. Considering the fundamentals and the trend of the index, Uncle Mi is optimistic that Switzerland will win Cameroon successfully and get three points.

Score prediction direction: 1-0、2-1

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

II. Uruguay vs South Korea

In the first 50 years of the last century, Uruguay dominated the football world, winning the World Cup in 1930 and 1950. However, in 1934 and 1938, the World Cup was held on the European continent, and Uruguay refused to participate; In 1942 and 1946, the World Cup was suspended due to World War II, so Uruguay’s football dominance was not fully demonstrated. Since 1954, Uruguay lost to Hungary in the World Cup for the first time, it has gradually declined and gradually withdrew from the world’s top teams.

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

In recent years, Uruguay’s World Cup performance is still tepid, and only won the fourth place in 2010. However, the star Suarez’s classic handball rescue team was promoted in the last eight matches. This dramatic scene is forever recorded in the history of the World Cup.

When the top 8 Uruguay knockout matches met Ghana that year, the two sides drew 1-1 in 90 minutes. In the last minute of extra time, Ghana’s header was about to cross Uruguay’s goal line. At this moment, the goalkeeper was out of reach. At the critical moment, Suarez, who was standing on the goal line, was quick witted and deliberately blocked the ball with his hands, to gain a chance of survival at the cost of being sent off with a red card and the team being sentenced to capital punishment. God pitied Uruguay. Ghana striker Jian missed a penalty kick and failed to make a final decision. In the end, the two sides exchanged penalty shots to win the match. Uruguay goalkeeper Muslera saved two penalty shots from the opponent, helping the team to reach the top four of the World Cup again after 40 years.

Uruguay ranked third after Brazil and Argentina in the South American qualifying match of the World Cup and directly qualified. The group draw was the same as that of South Korea and Ghana. These two teams were the teams Uruguay defeated successively in the 2010 World Cup knockout. Twelve years is a cycle. I don’t know what the result of this war will be.

Uruguay’s head coach is Diego Alonso, 47 years old, who has been in charge of the team since 2021. The current Uruguayan stars mainly play for Liverpool’s Nunes; Valvede, who plays for Real Madrid; Alauho, who plays for Barcelona; And two 35 year old veterans, Suarez and Cavani. The 23-year-old Nunez has played a more stable role in the Liverpool team this season. He will gradually take over from the big brothers Suarez and Cavani and become the leading figure in the team’s attack.

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

South Korea is an evergreen tree in Asian football. It has never been absent since it was shortlisted for the World Cup finals in 1986. In the 2002 World Cup between South Korea and Japan, it won the fourth place historically by virtue of its home advantage, which is the best performance of South Korea. At that time, South Korean players such as Huang Shanhong, Hong Mingfu and Park Zhixing were good at fighting and had a tenacious style. We won the group match against Poland, the United States and Portugal, and qualified as the first in the group; In the last 16 overtime, relying on the golden ball of An Zhenhuan, the team defeated Italy 2-1; In the knockout round of the top 8, the team beat Spain by mutual penalty shots and ranked in the top 4. Although Germany lost the semi-final by one goal and Türkiye lost the third place match 2-3, it has surpassed North Korea in 1966 World Cup and created the best result of Asian teams in the World Cup.

In the Asian qualifiers of this World Cup, South Korea directly qualified as the second place in the group and entered the finals of the World Cup for 10 consecutive times. Although South Korea is outstanding among Asian teams, Portugal and Uruguay are strong and it is not easy to get out of the competition. At present, Sun Xingqian, the absolute leader of the team, has a facial fracture, which casts a shadow on the way forward for the South Korean team.

The head coach of the South Korean team is Portuguese Paul Bento, 53 years old, who has been in charge of the South Korean team since 2018. The main Korean players in active service are Sun Xingqian, the striker of Tottenham Hotspur, and Jin Wenzai, the backbone of Naples’ defence. Sun Xingqian is the main shooter of the team. Although he suffered a facial fracture in the Champions League group match against Marseille, he has been wearing a mask for pre match training and has a strong desire to fight.

Today's World Cup: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Uruguay vs South Korea, match results+score prediction

The prediction direction of the results:Uruguay won all three matches in the last World Cup group match, the last 16 teams defeated Portugal, and the last 8 teams were defeated by the final champion France. Uruguay’s team strength and playing method have always been relatively stable. Considering the fundamentals and the trend of the index, Uncle Mi is optimistic that they will win in the first place, defeat South Korea and get three points.

Score prediction direction: 1-0、2-0

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