If you choose to take an examination of civil servants in other places and then choose to transfer back, is it difficult to transfer within the system?

It’s very difficult.

I have been engaged in personnel deployment for many years and have the most say in this.

First of all, the civil servants in different places should depend on what is different, whether it is outside or inside the province. Whether to transfer in parallel or up and down in the province.

Let’s start with the province. If you are admitted to a civil servant outside the province and want to transfer back to the province, it is very difficult to go back to the province through the transfer procedure. It needs the signature of the local mayor or county head and the consent of the employer. But few people can do this. How many people can find the mayor? Because when you come back to this city, you will increase the number of civil servants out of thin air, that is to say, the local financial department will add a financial support staff out of thin air, which is not allowed.

In the province, if you are admitted to the civil service in the provincial capital city and want to be transferred back to the city, this is a positive flow from top to bottom. In principle, it cannot be transferred, because it also involves the issue of the next compilation and the next compilation. However, if you can find the receiving unit and the mayor agrees and signs, you can also handle it. This is very difficult, but there have been such cases. You can also return to the city by appointment.

If you want to transfer from the city to the provincial capital city, this is a reverse flow, which is more difficult, but you can also transfer by signing. If this method does not work, you can achieve relocation through promotion and appointment.

From the city to the province and even to the ministry in Beijing, you can also participate in the selection.

If it is a transfer between two cities in the province, there is no good way, but the mayor should sign it.

Many years ago, there was a way of switching, that is, if you are in this province and I am in that province, we can exchange it. This policy has solved the problem of many couples living in different places, but there is no such policy now.

Someone said that since it is difficult to transfer, why don’t I take the civil service exam again? I tell you, no! As long as you have the civil service qualification, you can’t take the civil service examination again! Unless you quit before you sign up.

That is to say, when you become a civil servant, the path you want to transfer through taking the civil servant exam again is blocked.

In short, if you want to pass the examination of civil servants in other places and then transfer back, it is not feasible. The best way to really realize the transfer is to select. However, the selection is limited to civil servants from the bottom up. Civil servants from other places outside the province or from other places in parallel cities within the province cannot participate in the selection. There is no other way except to take the exam again after resigning.

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