In marital life, do couples need to avoid going to the toilet?

It is recommended to avoid it properlyI remember that when my wife gave birth to a child, she was pushed into the delivery room by the obstetrics and gynecology nurse and didn’t come out for a long time. I was fidgeting outside and worried. Especially when I heard my wife crying bitterly in the delivery room, I had an inexplicable impulse to rush in and accompany her to give birth. However, when I pushed the door, I found that the door of the delivery room was locked from the inside.

After a while, a nurse came out, and I asked the nurse how was she? The nurse said that let our family members wait patiently. So I put forward the request to accompany my wife to give birth, but the nurse refused. I said that some places have already opened the door for husbands to accompany their wives to give birth?

However, the nurse said that women have children, and suggested that men should not look at it. You will be shocked if you look at it. In fact, it is not the matter between men and women. Besides, it is my wife. I am a person with high psychological quality, which I think is acceptable. Who knows, in the middle of my speech, the nurse replied impatiently that if you want to avoid it, you should avoid it. Then he slammed the door and locked it.

Later, I checked that although men and women have this matter, some things that should be avoided must be avoided, otherwise it is easy to cause an indelible psychological shadow on the other half, and affect the future life and feelings of husband and wife. However, in marital life, going to the toilet between husband and wife is essentially the same as having children. The best thing to avoid is to avoid it. However, one time I accidentally saw that although it was not as scary as having children, I was really scared. Later, it also left a long period of psychological shadow

I remember that it was a big afternoon. I woke up with a dream but was choked by a blister of merciless urine. However, I have a strong desire to urinate, and I want to continue my dream, but I find that no matter how I recall it, I can’t continue it. So I have to go to discharge the annoying water with a hazy feeling.

When I touched the bathroom in a daze, my wife was sitting on the toilet with a bloody aunt towel in her hand.

Although I thought I was a person who had seen a big scene, I was still shocked by the picture. I woke up in an instant and didn’t feel very good. Standing straight at the door of the bathroom, he stared as if he had lost his mind.

My wife was also scared by me. She said that I was so insensible that I didn’t even move when walking. She also said that she was almost scared to death by me.

But she did not take me seriously, and I was deeply stimulated. After being stunned for several seconds, the whole person suddenly woke up, but after waking up, he felt like he was going to faint again. Until she folded up her aunt’s towel and threw it into the trash can.

I just woke up completely. My wife saw that I was in a bad state, so she asked me what was the matter. Is it still awake?

I said that I just saw something I shouldn’t see, and I was dizzy. In fact, I am really sick of blood and needles. When I see the needle, my heart is disordered, and then my brain is dizzy. It is almost the same when I see blood.

My wife said that since I was still looking at it with blood sickness, I didn’t know whether there was anyone in it before going to the bathroom. She also said that I really was.

I said why you didn’t know to close the door when you went to the toilet. I also said that I looked at you, but I didn’t know you were inside.

My wife is a very competitive person. There are only two of us at home. You are sleeping again. What door did I close in three or five minutes after I went to the bathroom. She returned to me in a bit of anger.

But it’s not her fault, nor me. Later, because of my aunt’s towel, I had a psychological shadow for a long time. Especially when I’m in the same room, I can’t help thinking about it, and then it makes me lose my interest.

After this incident, she would close the door every time she went to the bathroom, and I would also close the door when I went to the big room.

Although couples can say that in their marriage life, they weigh a few pounds each other. There is a memory there and a scar there are clear, but this is different from whether they need to avoid going to the toilet. What is the toilet for? The toilet is a place to take a shit and urinate, and it is a place for personal convenience. This matter not only involves personal privacy, but also involves the scope of both parties’ psychological pressure capacity, and even makes both parties feel deeply taboo

In fact, in my opinion, it is a good thing for couples to use the toilet and close the door properly to avoid it. This is because, on the one hand, it can enhance the sense of privacy between husband and wife, and it is an act of mutual respect for each other. Second, closing the door can protect the fecal odor from entering the living room through the bathroom. Although it can’t be smelled in the living room, it is inevitable that there will be fecal molecules floating past. For a long time, people will feel that the home is a little dirty. The third is the conservative sense of mystery. In fact, going to the toilet and closing the door can improve the relationship between husband and wife. This is just like the same person, most of the time wearing clothes is actually more beautiful than not wearing clothes. And direct exposure is equivalent to destroying the mystery between husband and wife, which may lead to feelings falling into insipidity over time. So in marital life, I think it is best to avoid the problem of whether to go to the toilet between husband and wife

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