Why can’t the credit card itself reach the point of interest suspension and installment repayment?

Of course, legal means can’t be used, but illegal means can be used. It is said that those bad debts and bad debts that cannot be paid after the credit card is overdue, as long as you have endured the violent collection in the past few months, then you can talk to the collection company about the suspension of interest and the suspension of account, and discuss how to pay back the money, because through various ways, the bank found that you can’t pay back the money at all, and it is hopeless for you, as long as you are not malicious overdraft and wanton spending, It will not constitute a crime of fraud. As long as you are not sentenced, you will have the opportunity to talk with the bank about suspending interest and keeping accounts!

Of course, all aspects of your life will be affected. In this credit society, you will be unable to move! So don’t risk yourself! Be a good law-abiding citizen!

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