What embarrassments have girls had?

One summer, I wore white short sleeves to work, and something happened at work. I felt so embarrassed at that time!

On that day, I wore a loose white short-sleeved shirt, which was slightly transparent. I could see what color of underwear I was wearing inside.

That afternoon, there was only me and another male colleague in our office. It was very busy that day. There were a lot of people coming to do business, and they drank little water.

When I was busy, I vaguely felt that the left underwear rope was always slipping down.

There are so many people around me, and I am ashamed to reach for them, so I have to pretend to lift my hand up and let the underwear rope go up automatically.

I don’t know how many times I repeated it. Later, there were too many things and I didn’t pay attention to this problem. I should have been too busy to forget.

After a while, I finally finished my work and rushed to pour some boiled water. When I was pouring boiled water, my male colleague had stood behind me, and he also came to pour boiled water.

After a while, the male colleague said to me: Sister H, your one fell out.

Me: What fell out.

I thought he said that something in my pants pocket fell out. I looked at it and found nothing fell out.

The male colleague was a little embarrassed, smiled and said,”Look at your left arm, you will know.”.

When I looked at my left arm, my god, the bra rope slipped on my arm at some time. It was so embarrassing.

I think it’s a little strange. The people who did things just now always stared at my arm. Those people are not familiar with me, and they are too embarrassed to remind me.

It’s embarrassing to think of this matter afterwards! If you meet a female colleague to remind you, it’s nothing, but it’s embarrassing to be seen by a male colleague again!

Since this incident, I will pay special attention to this point when I wear clothes in summer. Before going out, I will check the underwear rope to prevent it from slipping down like last time, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

My friends, when you wear short sleeves, have you encountered this embarrassing situation?

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