What has Zhu Yi done, the women’s singles player, from all-net black to all-net favorite flower skating

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, as the only seedling of China’s women’s flower skating singles, Zhu Yi set out in the air. Zhu Yi was born in the United States in 2002. In January 2018, Zhu won the women’s single skating championship in the new team of the National Figure Skating Championships. In 2019, he joined the Chinese nationality and participated in the international competition on behalf of Chinese flower skating.

What has Zhu Yi done, the women's singles player, from all-net black to all-net favorite flower skating

The Winter Olympics is about to start. Many ice fans said that Chen Hongyi did his best to win the women’s singles qualification. They don’t understand why Zhu Yi, the”returning athlete” who only has the advantage in the domestic trials, would be given.

Some flower skating fans said that Zhu Yi really played better than Chen Hongyi in the trial season, and the difficulty she could achieve when breaking out was also higher. We should give the athletes the opportunity to correct her name.

However, with the short program of team competition and women’s singles and free skating, the quality of fall, jump and finish is poor The voice of questioning was overwhelming on the 18-year-old girl.

Many ice fans said,”Are you worthy of the quota won by Chen Hongyi?” The audience also questioned,”I can’t fall so many times. Isn’t it really humiliating to China?”. The vast majority of netizens also found out that her father was Zhu Songchun, an expert in artificial intelligence, and shouted that this was a trade of exchange of interests, which further belittled and denigrated Zhu Yi, and denied his honor and all his efforts.”Interviews don’t speak Chinese, what do you say you are Chinese?””How can you cry with foreign media and find foreign media to do interviews?” These words come and go. Zhu Yi fell into a blackout situation, but didn’t explain anything for himself.

As Zhu Yi chose to enroll in China and study at Peking University, her friends, teachers, classmates, alumni and ice fans all spoke highly of her, and commented that Zhu Yi was a lively, cheerful, clean, simple, and motivated little girl. More people feel Zhu Yi around him, and the objective evaluation has brought the undisputed little girl back into everyone’s eyes. She is just a smart and lively little girl who continues to train hard athletes.

What has Zhu Yi done, the women's singles player, from all-net black to all-net favorite flower skating

The speech of Rao Yi, a Chinese biochemist (a colleague of Zhu Songchun, Zhu Yi’s father), once again justified Zhu Yi. Zhu Yi did not return home because of his father’s achievements, but because China’s ice and snow sports were weak. The General Administration of Sport of China was the first to select overseas athletes with Chinese ancestry for naturalization. Zhu Yi returned home for his love of flower skating. Two years later, his father was invited by Peking University and Tsinghua University. The issue of time sequence is clear at a glance, and the previous rumors have been broken down.

When more netizens picked up the interview video on Zhu Yi’s way home, the fog finally cleared. From the champion to the air jump, Zhu Yi stabbed her skates into her feet because of an injury, and the residue of skates left in her feet due to a doctor’s mistake became her unstoppable pain. Up to now, there is still a terrible highlight and scar on her feet, which will also be the mark of her life. But because of her love, she persevered, continued to recover, and continued to train hard. Finally, as the best female single figure skater in China at that time, she bravely stood at the center of the net storm – the Winter Olympics. Although the result was unsatisfactory, she did her best.

What has Zhu Yi done, the women's singles player, from all-net black to all-net favorite flower skating

All aspects of the evaluation, Zhu Yi’s own social dynamic update, and the gradual disclosure of the facts of the event, the little girl who was blackmailed by the whole network is so innocent. Without more explanation, she still smiles, lives actively, trains hard, and continues to fight… and continues to become everyone’s favorite girl. In the interview with Zhu Yi, she said her little name was”Youyou” shyly. This”Youyou” has also become the nickname of netizens for her. The increasingly fluent but sometimes non-standard Mandarin makes netizens feel the joy of”nurturance” of this baby-faced little girl and feel that she is a lovely little sister next door.

From online blackmail to online favorites, Zhu Yi uses his sincerity, his efforts and optimism to show his life to everyone. Zhu Yi’s experience tells us that the rumor will eventually disappear and the truth will gradually emerge. What matters is not what others think, but what has been done and what is true.

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