Differences between capitalists and entrepreneurs

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Liu Qiangdong sent a letter to all employees of JD saying that he would do the following things:

First, pay all five insurances and one fund to Debang’s brothers

It is also mentioned in particular that although the past practices of Deppon are legal and compliant, and the proportion of five insurances and one fund is far higher than that of other similar companies, there are still outsourcing employees who do not have the full amount of five insurances and one fund. JD should make up for them to ensure that they have a sense of security for the elderly and a sense of care for the sick

Differences between capitalists and entrepreneurs

Second, set up a”housing security fund” for all the group’s grass-roots employees, including all Deppon employees, such as logistics and customer service, so that the grass-roots employees can enjoy interest free housing loans

To this end, tens of billions will be invested in the future

Third, Liu Qiangdong himself donated 100 million yuan, and JD made some more money to substantially expand the”Employee Children Assistance Fund”

At the same time, the knife edge is inward, and the salary of senior executives is reduced more and more

Differences between capitalists and entrepreneurs

First of all, it is not easy to be at a high position and be able to think about grass-roots employees and put them into practice

As we all know, temporary workers, outsourcing personnel, low wages and benefits are the reality of many industries, and many people even lack basic security (five insurances and one fund)

Didn’t a big factory get criticized for this? I don’t know if it has changed

Moreover, Deppon is”legal and compliant”, and it is far higher than the proportion of five insurances and one fund in the industry

If you maintain the status quo and turn a blind eye, no one will say anything about you. After all, this has long been the whole industry, and may even be the default”hidden rule” of many industries

That’s always the case, isn’t it

Differences between capitalists and entrepreneurs

However, some people will challenge such”hidden rules”, which may offend others

Have courage and drive

Second, pay cut for senior executives

Although there are many grassroots employees in a company, there may be more senior executives who can really have a great impact on the enterprise

Although the salary of senior executives is high, people’s desire is unlimited. No one will feel that they have much money. How many enterprises and companies may raise the salary of senior executives and exploit grass-roots employees

It has never been easy to turn inward and make self revolution

Therefore, it is no wonder that netizens shout support, saying that”this is the entrepreneur” and”making contributions to common prosperity”

Previously, when discussing with others on the Internet what is the difference between western capitalist countries and socialist China, I always liked to say that the western countries are all for capital, and they even use opportunistic means to gain benefits

What’s the difference between China and them? Why doesn’t China please them

I always think that some Chinese elites, under the influence of thousands of years of traditional culture, do not have the desire to”earn more money even if they have more money”. They are not as barbaric as Western countries. Instead, they have a sense of responsibility of”family, country and world”

The ancients paid attention to”self-cultivation, family harmony, country governance and world peace”, and”reaching the goal is to help the world”

When a person reaches a certain height, he will think about what I should do to give back to the society and the world. This is my responsibility, my mission and what I should do

Therefore, we do not have the zero sum thinking of killing each other. We pay attention to”harmonious coexistence”. We put forward the”community with a shared future for mankind”, which is the modern version of”peace in the world”

This is China’s wisdom

He will never understand some robbers

I would like to believe that these actions of JD and Liu Qiangdong will have a strong demonstration effect and will influence a large number of entrepreneurs to follow suit

It may even be said that when employees may vote with their feet, other enterprises are forced to”follow suit”

When there are more and more such entrepreneurs, will the goal of”common prosperity” be far behind

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