What did the Yonghe Palace in Beijing do first?

The Yonghe Palace in Beijing was later called. Its predecessor was the”Yongqin Palace”. In the thirty-seventh year of Kangxi’s reign (1698), the fourth son of the emperor, Yinzhen, was granted the title of”Dorobelle” by the Emperor Kangxi at the age of 15. The fourth son of the emperor, Yinzhen, began to build the mansion, which was then called”Baile Mansion” or”Sibaile Mansion”. At the beginning of its construction, the”Baile Mansion” was not of high standard, because it was the official house of the eunuch of the Ming Dynasty, which was only higher than the house of the common people, and because of the low title of Baile and the low birth of his mother, it was only rebuilt on the basis of the buildings of the Ming Dynasty to conform to the regulations of the Qing Dynasty and the system of the title of Baile.

In the 48th year of Kangxi’s reign (1709), Yinzhen was crowned Prince Heshuoyong.”Prince” is the highest rank among the titles, so the prestige and scale of his old house have greatly expanded. In addition, the roof tiles of the main entrance, main hall and dormitory hall were replaced with green glazed tiles. Yin Zhen, Prince of Yong, was the fourth son of Kangxi, so the”Prince of Yong’s Mansion” was also known as the”Fourth Lord’s Mansion”. Yin Zhen is called”the fourth master” in TV dramas about the Qing Dynasty.

In the sixty-first year of Kangxi (1722), Yinzhen took the throne and was named Yongzheng. In the third year of Yongzheng’s reign (1725), Yongzheng changed half of his royal palace into the Huangjiao upper court and the other half into a temporary palace. The latter was burned down by fire, so he changed the upper court into a temporary palace, called the”Yonghe Palace”. Therefore, the”Yongqin Palace” was renamed as the”Yonghe Palace” as a temporary palace and included in the”Dragon Diving Forbidden Area”.

In 1735, Emperor Yongzheng died and Qianlong succeeded him. After Emperor Yongzheng died and returned to Beijing from the Yuanmingyuan, he stopped at the”Yongyou Hall”, the former bedroom hall. The bedroom hall was changed to yellow glazed tiles. After Emperor Yongzheng moved to bury the Western Mausoleum, Emperor Qianlong changed the name of the Yongyou Hall to”Shenyu Hall”. In 1744, Emperor Qianlong changed the main courtyard of the Yonghe Palace into a Lama Temple. The name”Yonghe Palace” is still used today.

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