What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

1: The water in Jiangxi is very clean. You may not see any scale in the kettle after several years.

2: Jiangxi is abbreviated as”Gan”. The word”Gan” also includes two rivers in Jiangxi: Zhangjiang River and Gongjiang River.

3: Jiangxi is no less spicy than Hunan and Sichuan. And Jiangxi’s spicy is pure spicy, not spicy.

4: Both boys and girls in Jiangxi are pretty, and their height is not high in the country.

5: Pot soup+mixed flour is the standard breakfast of the old Nanchang people.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

6: People in Jiangxi are very fond of wordy noodles, Nanchang Mixed Noodles, Shangrao Hot Noodles, Fuzhou Soaked Noodles, Yingtan Beef Noodles, Ji’an Fried Noodles, Ganzhou Potato Noodles, etc. All kinds of noodles are inseparable from one thing: chili.

7: It’s really hot in summer and cold in winter.

8: Jiangxi betrothal gifts are not as scary as those posted online, but they are really high on the whole, especially in rural areas.

9: Jiangxi people actually hate being asked if the bride price is very high.

10: The sunset in Jiangxi is very beautiful. The sunset and the lone duck fly together. The autumn water is the same as the sky.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

11: Jiangxi is the holy land of the Red Revolution. The older generation likes to hang pictures of Grandpa Mao at home, especially in the countryside.

12: Jiangxi is a major labor export province, and there are many left-behind children in rural areas.

13: The housing price in Jiangxi has risen sharply in recent years. Many small counties have reached 7000 or 8000.

14: The wage level in Jiangxi is not high. Two or three thousand and three or four thousand are the majority level, but the prices catch up with the first-line level.

15: When you arrive in Nanchang, you must try local specialties: roast duck with beer, fried bacon with Artemisia selengensis, steamed pork with flour.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

16: Pingxiang’s lotus blood duck, Pingxiang’s fried meat, Xingguo’s steamed fish, and Fuzhou’s Linchuan vegetable stems are all excellent.

17: Jiangxi dialects are basically different from each other. Many people in the same county can’t understand each other when they get together.

18: Jiangxi people are very warm and lovely. People give their nickname as”old watch”.

19: In rural Jiangxi, people like to build buildings after they earn some money by going out to work, basically starting from the third floor.

20: In the eyes of Jiangxi people, Runtian water is the best drink, and it’s only one yuan per bottle, but it can’t be bought outside Jiangxi.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

21: Nanchang speaks very fast. People who don’t understand always feel like swearing.

22: Jiangxi is not rich in economy, but its overall living standard is also acceptable. Many of them are earned from other places.

23: It may be difficult to see the sun once a month in Jiangxi during the Meiyu weather.

24: Shangrao City and Shangrao County are two places that many local people in Jiangxi can hardly distinguish.

25: The rice wine in Jiangxi also tastes good.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

26: The climate of Jiangxi is quite different from the north to the south. The climate of Nanchang and Jiujiang is closer to Hubei, and that of Ganzhou is closer to Guangdong. It is possible that Nanchang and Jiujiang wear down jackets, while Ganzhou still wear single clothes.

27: The difficulty of the college entrance examination in Jiangxi is also very high, and the score line of the college entrance examination is scaringly high every year.

28: People in Jiangxi attach great importance to education. Many villages have cash rewards for those who have entered university.

29: Gannan has a strong clan culture. A large clan ancestral hall will be built for each surname in the basic village.

30: Jiangxi is a veritable”red land”. Red soil can really be seen locally, especially in southern Jiangxi.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

31: In some areas of Jiangxi, especially in rural areas, there are still some patriarchal phenomena, but now there has been a big change.

32: It is a fact that Jiangxi has a low sense of existence, but many people in other provinces know about Nanchang Uprising, Jinggangshan and Lushan.

33: Jiangxi was very developed in the Song and Ming Dynasties, with a large number of talents. In the Ming Dynasty, it was also known as the half Jiangxi of the Manchu Dynasty.

34: There are many famous mountains in Jiangxi, such as Lushan Mountain, Jinggang Mountain, Wugong Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, etc.

35: The scenery of Wuyuan Ancient Village is really picturesque, and all the pictures are beautiful.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

36: Jiangxi people like to eat all kinds of skins, including grapefruit peel, watermelon peel and orange peel.

37: Jingdezhen is very popular in the province, but the most famous place outside Jiangxi is probably Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain.

38: Jiangxi is also a land of fish and rice. It can be self-sufficient no matter what age.

39: Pingxiang is close to Hunan, and it is more spicy than other places in Jiangxi.

40: Jiangxi is really rich in tourism resources. Everywhere you go, there are green mountains and rivers.

What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

41: In addition to Gannan navel orange, Nanfeng orange is also delicious!

42: Ganzhou food collection: Ningdu meatball, Xingguo powder dragon bed, Ruijin beef soup, Anyuan Sanxian powder, Yudu pearl powder, as well as bean paste, scalded silk, etc.

43: Take the train in Jiangxi, you may also encounter a famous Shangrao food: Shangrao Chicken Leg.

44: Jiangxi has the second largest forest coverage in the country. The environment and air are really good.

45: Every place will have both sunshine and shadow. Although there are various unsatisfactory places in Jiangxi, it is also the hometown of more than 40 million people. I wish Jiangxi better and better!

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What did you know only when you went to Jiangxi?

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