I believe that everyone should know the commentary of Juju. It can be said that his popularity is particularly high, and he also has Many fans. As a commentator, he is also quite professional when commenting on the game of Glory of Kings, so more people watch his commentary. Interestingly, recently, Juju also launched the second wild racing challenge of the king subject. In this racing challenge, the participants are also well-known players, including 6.6, 7 years, Hua Yun and others.


After the opening of the challenge of the second challenge of the king’s subject, Juju also showed us the wonderful performances of the players while explaining. Among them, RW Huayun is quite proficient in using Yunzhongjun’s skills, but in the process of clearing the wild, we can see that Huayun still made a little mistake, but in the end he still scored a good score of 1 minute and 20 seconds. Juju said that this speed is already very fast, which is indeed very good. Even though he encountered a lot of small setbacks when clearing the jungle, the result was quite good. Hua Yun’s adaptability is indeed very strong.


Although 6:6 also participated in the challenge of the king’s subject, the second wilderness race, he failed to pass the first time he used the blue wilderness. In contrast, it can be seen that seven years is quite powerful, and the two times of clearing the wild have achieved good results. The first time to clear the wild area was about 1.21 seconds, and the second time it took 1.17 seconds to clear the wild area. It can be said that the gap compared with other players is still quite large, and this also has a lot to do with the heroes they used when they played professionally. After all, before 6:6 I played side lane heroes, so in this sprint match, the performance of clearing the jungle was mediocre.


What’s interesting is that in this king’s subject second wild racing challenge, some people also used the hero Zhou Yu as a jungler. We all know that the hero Zhou Yu is an archmage, and is usually used to walk in the middle, but this time someone really used it to participate in the jungle clearing game, and finished the jungle in 1.10 seconds. So don’t underestimate this type of hero, as long as he outputs enough damage, his speed is not as fast as that of a jungler. Everyone also enjoyed watching it very much. Thank you Juju for hosting such a competition, which feasted our eyes.


It can be said that Juju is an extremely popular commentator. They all said that they like to watch Juju’s commentary. You can learn a lot from it, and this time he held the king subject second wild racing challenge is also very interesting.

Which hero do you think has the fastest wild clearing speed? Welcome to discuss in the comment area.

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