Guoyu abandoned Shuai and left India to make history. Zhang Jun once again paid a painful price for his lack of patience

On May 17, Beijing time, two days have passed since the successful conclusion of Thomas Uber Cup in 2022, but little by little about the competition continues to attract attention. In particular, the Indian team, which won the Thomas Cup for the first time as a dark horse, has been highly praised by domestic public opinion. Among them, Liu Yongcheng, a Korean coach who helped the team achieve a breakthrough, was praised by the Indian media as “ The Chinese team abandoned their leader ” In order to praise the insight of the Indian Badminton Association.

 Guoyu abandoned Shuai and left India to make history. Zhang Jun once again paid a painful price for his lack of patience

Compared with several other traditional strong teams, including the Chinese team, the lineup of the Indian badminton team has obvious shortcomings, and their double strength is difficult to score. In this case, the Indian team can finally climb the championship podium in the dark. Their three powerful singles players have made great contributions, which is inseparable from the careful guidance of Korean coach Liu Yongcheng. In the final competition with Indonesia, lakshia and srikante successively scored points for India in one order and two orders. They helped the team win without delaying the appearance of two doubles. For Liu Yongcheng’s on-the-spot command, a number of professional badminton media have given high praise, believing that he not only formulated reasonable tactics for the players according to the opponent’s playing method, but also became the winner and loser with gentle and rational guidance during the game.

 Guoyu abandoned Shuai and left India to make history. Zhang Jun once again paid a painful price for his lack of patience

Why is Liu Yongcheng dubbed “ The Chinese team abandoned their leader ” He was hired by the Chinese badminton team from 2019 to 2021 together with Jiang Jingzhen. At that time, Liu Yongcheng was appointed as the assistant coach of Guoyu men’s doubles team. The assistant coach in charge, Chen Qiqiu, was mainly responsible for he Jiting / Tan Qiang and di Zijian / Wang Chang. Because the two pairs of combinations in charge are not the main combination for Guoyu men’s doubles to impact the qualification of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Liu Yongcheng’s coaching did not let the leadership and fans see much effect. Liu Yongcheng was abandoned by Guoyu after failing to compete in the men’s doubles in the Tokyo Olympic Games, and then went to India to teach. After Liu Yongcheng left, he Jiting / Tan Qiang, who was in charge of Guoyu at that time, made excellent achievements and won the second place in men’s doubles at the 2021 Badminton World Championships. Now he has proved his coaching ability in India. I don’t know whether Guoyu’s competent coaching team headed by Zhang Jun will regret it?

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