Today’s German Cup: Berlin United vs Wolfsburg, facing the bitter Lord, Wolfsburg is looking forward to the full withdrawal

Today's German Cup: Berlin United vs Wolfsburg, facing the bitter Lord, Wolfsburg is looking forward to the full withdrawal

Berlin United has been on the rise in the Bundesliga for several years. Last season, the team reached the fifth place in the scoreboard and successfully obtained the tickets for the Europa League qualifying match. This season, the team was even more brave. Although there was a brief fluctuation in their state before the winter break, they beat Hertha Berlin 2-0 in the last round of the league derby, and returned to the winter break to get three consecutive wins, sweeping away the previous gloom. At present, after 18 rounds of the Bundesliga, Berlin has won 11 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, with 36 points. The league table is only one point behind Bayern Munich. According to the data, Berlin scored 31 goals and lost 22 in the 18th Bundesliga match. Although the defensive end was slightly flawed, its offensive firepower was still relatively secure. It is worth mentioning that the home performance of Berlin United has been very stable this season. At present, the league has won 6 victories and 2 draws at home for eight times and remained unbeaten. In addition, the home of its recent eight regular matches has also won 7 victories and 1 draw. It can be seen that the team’s home strength is very strong! Having said that, Berlin United will have its third match in seven days this game, and the previous match was the derby. The team will have a test in preparation. In addition, because the current league point situation is grim, after all, although it is expected to break hands with Bayern, but the competition for the Champions League seat is also fierce, so I’m afraid this will also be a variable to consider in this battle

Today's German Cup: Berlin United vs Wolfsburg, facing the bitter Lord, Wolfsburg is looking forward to the full withdrawal

Wolfsburg has been in a precarious state in recent years. When excited, it was able to get tickets to the Champions League. At a low point last season, it was only able to fall into the middle and lower reaches of the Bundesliga championship. This season’s team’s precarious state seems to continue. They came back from the winter break and beat Freiburg 6-0, and beat Hertha Berlin 5-0. All events have maintained six consecutive wins and 11 consecutive unbeaten. I thought the team would rise from this point, However, they immediately went on the stage and lost 1-2 to Werder Bremen, and the only goal was that Paredes forced the team to win a respect in the stoppage time. At present, after 18 rounds of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg has achieved 8 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses, with 29 points, ranking seventh in the league table, temporarily behind the European theater by 3 points. According to the data, the team scored 36 goals and lost 22 in the 18th Bundesliga match in Wolfsburg. The team also has the problem of more offensive but less defensive

Today's German Cup: Berlin United vs Wolfsburg, facing the bitter Lord, Wolfsburg is looking forward to the full withdrawal

Although the two sides have won 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in the past six games, Berlin United has won 2 wins and 2 draws at home for four times during the period, and the team has won 2-0 in the past two times. Especially in addition to their stable performance at home this season and the beauty of their recent state, Berlin United still has a big advantage in this game. It is true that Wolfsburg has performed well in the front end, but the stability of state is really insufficient. Fortunately, their schedule is not too dense, and the team’s physical preparation may be slightly better! Based on the data of this game, I think that the support of Berlin United is a little low, and I am willing to be a Wolfsburg fan, and I hope they can at least keep the regular time unbeaten

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