What would happen if Su Yu commanded the Liaoshen Campaign?

In the eyes of the chairman, Lin Biao is his most trusted general, and Su Yu is his most appreciated general.

The troops led by Lin Biao in the past were all the most elite troops of the New Fourth Army and the Eighth Route Army, and more than 20000 cadres were sent to the Northeast.

What would happen if Su Yu commanded the Liaoshen Campaign?

In 1946, it was the most dangerous time for the Democratic Union Army. At that time, it was forced to give up Siping and withdraw to the north of the Songhua River. At that time, the military structure was chaotic, the weapons and equipment were scarce, and there was no solid rear. Fortunately, the armistice at this time gave Lin Biao a breathing opportunity.

Since then, the Northeast Democratic Union Army, which has been fully recuperated, has established a solid rear base and obtained the Japanese weapons seized by the former Soviet Union in the Northeast. It has taken on a new look, and its troops have more than doubled, which is enough to compete with the Kuomintang army.

Compared with Lin Biao, Su Yu is bolder, more determined and more ambitious. If Su Yu commands the Liaoshen campaign, he can also win.

If Su Yu had commanded the three wars and four draws in June 1947, Chen Mingren might not have become famous in the first war. At that time, our army had occupied three fifths of the urban area. With Su Yu’s courage and accurate computing power, it was possible to go ahead and wipe out Chen Mingren’s troops and liberate Siping before the arrival of the enemy reinforcements.

What would happen if Su Yu commanded the Liaoshen Campaign?

But if so, the early liberation of Siping may make Chiang Kai-shek feel retreating. It is possible that the Kuomintang army will withdraw from the Northeast and hold the Shanhaiguan Pass, the throat of the Northeast, which will make the war of liberation more difficult.

Because the elite troops of the Northeast National Army were not completely wiped out, the strength of the Kuomintang army was not weakened, but the time for the liberation of the whole of China would be delayed by one or two years, or more.

Chen Mingren kept Siping and became famous in the First World War, which made Chiang Kai-shek have the illusion that the Kuomintang army could compete with the Northeast Democratic Union Army in the Northeast, and if there were more troops, it would be possible to occupy the whole Northeast, and Chiang Kai-shek did the same.

What would happen if Su Yu commanded the Liaoshen Campaign?

If it is Su Yu who commands the Liao-Shen campaign, it will make the chairman more relaxed, because the chairman’s strategic idea of attacking Jinzhou first will be highly consistent with Su Yu’s idea, and Su Yu will never hesitate to use the army.

Commander Su Yu, because of his determination to use troops, will complete the encirclement of Jinzhou a few days in advance, and is likely to capture Jinzhou early. However, in that case, Liao Yaoxiang’s troops might escape to Yingkou in advance and escape from the northeast by sea.

However, with Su Yu’s military skills, he will never be unprepared. Maybe Liao Yaoxiang will not be completely wiped out, but most of the main forces will be wiped out. Under the command of Su Yu, the Liao-Shen campaign will still win.

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