Canada moves to China to tear up the agreement of three Chinese enterprises. China firmly opposes it and will take action

Canada is willing to be the”vanguard” of the United States against China, and once again, in the name of”safeguarding national security”, openly tore up the agreement between the three Chinese enterprises. China has made clear its position, firmly opposed it, and will take action

In recent years, the United States has resorted to every means to suppress China. In addition to its own sanctions against China, the United States has also frequently advocated the so-called”decoupling from China” in the international community, trying to attract its allies to join its camp. Among these allies of the United States, Canada can be regarded as following the steps of the United States. Recently, the Canadian government cited the so-called”safeguarding national security” as an excuse, We have taken action against Chinese enterprises. According to the Ministry of Commerce of China, on November 2 local time, the Canadian government issued a statement demanding that three Chinese enterprises withdraw their investment in Canadian mineral enterprises. It is understood that the Canadian side stated that, in order to safeguard national security and protect the national rare metal resources from encroachment, the Canadian authorities required Sinomine (Hong Kong), Shengze and Zangger (Chengdu) Mining to withdraw their cooperative shares in major Canadian mining companies. In addition, Canada has also issued a list of key mining resources. Mining resources included in the national security protection list include as many as 31 rare metal mines. This means that, in the future, it is not ruled out that more Chinese enterprises will be required to divest their Canadian investment shares

Canada moves to China to tear up the agreement of three Chinese enterprises. China firmly opposes it and will take action

As we all know, Canada and the United States are both North American countries. The two countries not only have deep geographical and economic ties, but also have been obedient brothers of the United States in the political direction. Take the Russian Ukrainian conflict, which has attracted the attention of the international community, for example, Canada is one of the first NATO member countries to impose a ban on Russia. Now, in the context of the United States vigorously advocating”decoupling from China” and cutting off its supply chain to China, Canada is bound to take action to stand in the United States. It is reported that shortly after the Canadian statement was issued, the market share prices of China Mining (Hong Kong), Shengze and Zangger Mining fell sharply all the way, even once fell to the limit, which affected the overall share price of China Mining. It is not difficult to see that Canada is forcing Chinese enterprises to withdraw their capital this time to start from the global mineral supply chain and help the United States cut off China’s strong development path in emerging industries

Canada moves to China to tear up the agreement of three Chinese enterprises. China firmly opposes it and will take action

In response to the Canadian intervention, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce of China said that China had taken note of the situation and that China was firmly opposed to Canada’s interference and interruption of normal business cooperation between Chinese and Canadian enterprises in the name of national security. We urge Canada to take China’s concerns seriously, stop politicizing economic and trade issues, and create a fair, just, transparent and non discriminatory business environment for investors from all countries, including China. China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises

The spokesman also stressed that both China and Canada are important links in the global mineral supply chain. The investment of Chinese enterprises in the Canadian mineral industry is a business activity based entirely on the principles of market economy and the development needs of enterprises. The Canadian side has generalized the concept of national security, artificially set obstacles and violated market rules, which has damaged the commercial interests of relevant Chinese and Canadian enterprises, weakened the confidence of global investors in Canada’s investment environment, and is not conducive to the development of Canada’s industry and the stability of the global mineral supply chain

Canada moves to China to tear up the agreement of three Chinese enterprises. China firmly opposes it and will take action

It should be pointed out that although Canada is willing to be the”vanguard” of the United States against China and frequently attacks Chinese enterprises, it is a bit too fanciful to want to disrupt the process of the global mineral supply chain and block the general trend of economic globalization by itself. You know, just when Canada said”no” to Chinese enterprises, Germany, also an ally of the United States, is stepping up cooperation with China. On November 4, German Prime Minister Schultz personally led an economic delegation including 12 German pillar enterprises to visit China. The lineup can be said to be quite luxurious. Before his visit to China, Schultz said frankly that even if the world situation changes, China is still an important economic and trade partner of Germany and Europe, and Germany does not want to or cannot”decouple” from China. Of course, China did not disappoint Schultz. During his visit to China, China Aviation Equipment Group signed a contract with Airbus Europe with a total value of up to 17 billion dollars. China purchased 140 passenger aircraft from Airbus, including 132 A320 series aircraft and 8 A350 aircraft

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