How to eat healthily for manual workers with diabetes?

I think this is the problem. We have to face the problem of diabetics taking part in physical labor. If they eat less staple food, they can’t work. After 30 minutes of work, they will be hungry. What should we do if they can’t get rid of stomach disease? You can’t have hypoglycemia if you feel dizzy. Then we can only think of a few ways to solve it. First, we should eat rice, steamed bread, six liang, and two liang each for three meals every day. Eat two jin of vegetables a day, two eggs, pork or fish in twos and threes a day. Only in this way. Second, millet 50 liang, rice 50 liang, rice plus millet, mixed together for cooking, one kilogram a day, and reasonable meat and vegetable mix. There are only two ways, no choice.

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