How did poor families support seven or eight children in the past?

1. When raising animals, it’s OK to starve.

2. In the past, the benefits of giving birth to children to the poor were greater than the costs, but now it is different.

3. In the past, older children can pull their younger brothers and sisters, which saves parents worry and effort.

4. In the past, when there were many children in manual labor, such as farming and building houses, parents were relaxed.

5. In the past, children did not have academic qualifications, and they worked for a lifetime. It didn’t cost much to see a doctor.

6. In the past, it was normal to lose a child and die a child.

7. In the past, there was no gap between rich and poor between neighbors and relatives, and the factory director could not earn much more than the workers.

8. In the past, parents treated their children as objects of exploitation, and children worked for their parents.

9. In the past, there were many boys in the village and they were not bullied.

10. They used to be bungalows. Neighbors trust and help each other. The situation is similar.

11. Children, it’s OK to run and play everywhere, and don’t worry about learning.

12. In the past, without housing loans, car loans and credit cards, they were poor, but not in debt.

13. In the past, the neighborhood committee and the village brigade were really responsible. When the couple fought, someone came to mediate.

14. In the past, there were no recreational activities at night and contraceptive measures were backward, so there were many children.

15. In the past, people had a short life span and it was necessary to have more.

15. Now the situation has changed, everything has changed, so we can’t think about the past and the present.

How did poor families support seven or eight children in the past?

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