Hisense vidda C1 official announcement released on May 30: the world’s first 4K panchromatic laser projection

It home reported on May 23 that Hisense’s young fashion brand vidda announced today that its new product vidda C1 will be launched soon. This product is the world’s first 4K panchromatic laser projection, which will be released at 7 p.m. on May 30.

 Hisense vidda C1 official announcement released on May 30: the world's first 4K panchromatic laser projection

As can be seen from the officially released pictures, the vidda C1 body surface adopts a silver white shell with metal texture. There are a large number of grids in the lower half of the side and front. Zhai secret guesses that it should be audio and cooling holes respectively. In addition, this projector has at least three front openings.

At present, the official has not disclosed more information about this laser projector, and it home will keep an eye on it.

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