The Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

the Himalayas in China is the highest mountain in the world, with an altitude of 8844m,

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

At the same time, it is also a very young mountain in the world. For hundreds of years, mountaineering enthusiasts have always wanted to conquer it. It is understood that 30million years ago, it was also a vast ocean. Due to the surface movement, the continental plates collided, compressed and overlapped each other,

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

This is why the Himalayas are growing at an average rate of one centimeter a year. As people continue to climb and understand here,

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

scientists have made amazing discoveries about it, and put forward conjectures that the Himalayas may be hollow, which may be a mysterious world. The internationally authoritative scientific research Xiaosuo has had conclusive evidence and found that there is a huge space under the Himalayas, covering an area of about 120000 to 150000 square kilometers.

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

This bold guess has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Is there really an underground world under this mountain like the world-famous movie journey to the center of the earth? There are all kinds of creatures living under the mountain, but people are not only. Many phenomena can not be explained by today’s scientific community. For example, all things in the world follow the law of conservation of mass, but this law fails here. After exploring here with instruments, scientists found that the material impacted on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau was not conserved, which undoubtedly made many scientists struggle. Later, people continued to explore this mysterious place. Until the 1990s, the international scientific team made another amazing discovery and analyzed that there was probably a certain degree of resistance underground, and it was constantly approaching the East,

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

this also makes people wonder. Maybe there is a liquid similar to water at the foot of the mountain. I believe it will be presented to the audience in the near future.

 the Himalayas reappeared the discovery against the sky, and the mysterious world was exposed again

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