The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

You can’t be more familiar with the Qinling Mountains. The north-south boundary of China is divided from the Huaihe River. Qinling Mountain has beautiful scenery and fresh air. Many people will organize hiking in Qinling Mountain, but don’t go near the Aotai Line, which is very dangerous. Forty or fifty people have died there in five years. Even relevant departments have announced that they are prohibited from crossing the Aotai Line. Once they enter, it will be very bad indeed.

The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

There are dozens of mountains in the Qinling Mountains, which hinder people to people exchanges. What should we do? That is to build roads and dig tunnels. No, the Chinese spent 4 billion yuan to dig a hole, which took six years to complete, which shows how difficult it is. However, the kung fu is good for those who want it. This hole is very convenient for people and has won several world titles.

This is the Zhongnanshan Road Tunnel in the Qinling Mountains. It is a double tunnel and double track design. One tunnel is more than 18000 meters long, about 10 meters wide, and has a height limit of five meters. That is to say, if there is a car 5 meters high, it cannot pass through the tunnel. The construction of this highway tunnel started in 2001 and was completed in 2007 before it could be opened to traffic. It took six years and the total investment was 4 billion yuan.

How difficult is it to build this tunnel?

The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

First of all, there is a special geological fault. It is not easy to dig a hole in a mountain. It depends on whether the mountain is suitable for the situation and how difficult it is. The construction can only be started after various considerations, including whether it will collapse and whether nearby water will flow into the tunnel.

Secondly, it is not just one hole, but two holes. One hole is difficult, let alone two holes, so it only requires more money and time than other tunnels.

Finally, after you build it, you should also consider ventilation, fire and even monitoring. Now it is easy to solve these problems, but it is the result of the efforts of tens of thousands of people. Even if all the problems are taken into consideration, there will be new problems during construction, which need to be discussed together.

The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

Over the past six years, this group of people have been digging holes every day, and finally got through to this place, making it convenient for everyone. You should know that it took more than three hours to travel from Xi’an to Zhashui County by winding mountain roads. The winding mountain road is tortuous, and the drivers are uncomfortable. They should keep up the spirit of 12 points. The passengers are also uncomfortable, because it is too winding and easy to get carsick.

Now that the tunnel has been opened, it has been shortened to 40 minutes from the previous three hours, so this hole is of great significance.

This tunnel has also won the top six in the world, including the world’s first longest double hole high-speed tunnel, the world’s largest and deepest shaft ventilation project, and so on. This is not explained here. If you want to know, you can check your own information, which is available online.

The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

Finally, when you drive through this tunnel, there are three kinds of fluorescent light belts: blue, red and white. It’s like you are traveling through a place. But don’t look at it and forget that you are the driver. It’s going to be a big event. Of course, this tunnel is convenient for everyone. Thanks to those who dug the tunnel. Without you, we are still driving the winding mountain road for three hours!

The Chinese spent 4 billion yuan in 6 years to dig a hole in the Qinling Mountains, but did not expect to win several world titles

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