What is the most deadly thing around you?

Xu, the eldest brother of our community, and his brother both live in our community. They are full of flesh and blood. They are also known as the elevator bully. Recently, they worked in the elevator and finally fell into the elevator.

Mr. Xu and his brother both live on the 13th floor. Both brothers are big and powerful, especially Mr. Xu.

The first time I saw him was in the elevator. My family lived on the 6th floor. I waited for the elevator to go downstairs that day. There were also neighbors on the same floor who took their children downstairs to bask in the sun.

As soon as I entered the elevator, I was choked by the smell of cigarettes. It turned out that old Xu was smoking cigarettes in his mouth and was puffing like nobody else. The neighbor’s child coughed from smoking.

The neighbor whispered,”Why do you smoke in the elevator?”

Mr. Xu glanced sideways at his neighbor, ignored her, and continued to puff.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I also said to him,”There are children in the elevator. You can smoke when you go out.”

Boss Xu laughed with a sneer:”Yo, here comes the meddler. I think the baby looks like you. What’s your secret?”

The neighbor’s face was blue with anger, and asked him in a loud voice:”What are you talking about? Please make it clear today!”

Mr. Xu said with a smile:”Why, do you want to start?”

At this time, the elevator arrived on the first floor, and many residents waiting for the elevator came to persuade him. Mr. Xu threw the cigarette end away. The neighbor was so angry that tears rolled in his eyes.

Later, it was found that Mr. Xu was almost on the elevator bar. Sometimes he would press all the floors above the 13th floor once, making people unable to wait for the elevator for half a day. Sometimes he intentionally spilled garbage in the elevator. After cleaning, the odor would still permeate for several days.

However, the two brothers are unreasonable and unreasonable. The property has told them countless times, but they can’t do anything about them. The owners also dare not speak up.

Not long ago, the property of the community informed that the battery car could not get on the elevator because of serious safety hazards.

That night, Mr. Xu drank a little wine and rode a battery car to get on the elevator again. Several owners who were waiting for the elevator stopped him and said they would not let him go.

Mr. Xu stopped the battery car, rolled up his sleeve and said angrily,”Are you going to see me today?”

The owner immediately informed the property. In a short time, the property and the security came to explain to Mr. Xu that the battery car was not allowed to take the elevator.

Mr. Xu’s battery car was dragged by the security guard and could not move. Seeing the elevator start, several of his owners stopped him from leaving.

He suddenly became furious and drove the battery car to hit the elevator door.

The security guard who had not gone far heard the sound and ran back quickly to stop him, but it was too late. With a bang, the outer door of the elevator was knocked open, and the old man Xu with his car fell into the elevator shaft.

From the first floor to the first floor, and then to the bottom of the elevator shaft, there is about 10 meters. When the property management rescued Mr. Xu, he was unconscious.

Later, I heard that Mr. Xu was rescued in the hospital, but his life was not in danger. However, it would take at least one year for him to fully recover from multiple fractures. This is the best example I have ever seen of putting myself in.

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