What are the habits of women who are suffering?

In real life, some women have a good life, and the god of luck often cares for her. Some women have a hard life. They drink cold water and jam their teeth. They fart and hit their heels. Why is it so different? Because these people and women have the following habits

01. These women are easy to complain

Their mood has never been better. They complain about this or that all day long. It seems that there is no place for her to like. At one time, they think that their husband can’t make money, at the other time, they think that their husband is not caring for their family, and at the other time, they say that their parents-in-law haven’t left a solid foundation.

Xiaolan in our village is such a person. Her husband, sister-in-law and sister-in-law are worthless in his eyes. In her words, there is no good thing. The longer you complain, the worse your life will become. The more you complain, the better your life will become.

02. These women are too strong

Some people say that in a family, both husband and wife love each other fairly, and the normal relationship between husband and wife should be strong in men and weak in women. Men work hard outside, women work at home, men are big trees, women are small grass, men shelter women from the wind and rain, and women are small birds. This kind of family relationship can be stable and lasting.

The hairy-girl in our village is tall and big, nicknamed”Dayangma”. Her man is at home, and has no voice at all. No matter whether someone else is present or not, scolding her husband is like scolding a chicken. At the beginning of marriage, once her husband did not know why he offended. She was angry, and made a move to look for the moon from the bottom of the sea. Her husband said,”Oh”, covered his crotch, and grinned, From then on, his husband was like a defeated rooster and never dared to challenge her authority.

03. These women are too controlling

I wish I could tie my husband to my belt. I can’t do this or that. I just need to tie him up with a dog chain. Don’t you know that the stronger the desire to control, the more rebellious the man is. Just like a child flying a kite, the strength should be moderate. The harder the kite is, the more it wants to break free.

There is a woman in our village who is famous for”ghosts don’t pester”. After getting married, she formulated three major disciplines and eight points of attention for her husband. Men are not allowed to go out and drink wine, men are not allowed to play cards, and men are not allowed to talk to women,

The man couldn’t bear it any more, so he divorced her and found a very ordinary woman as his wife. Some people said that his wife is much worse than the previous one, and it’s too hot. He said: I like my wife now, who knows how to save me face and negotiate with me.

In short, a woman should be qualified for the role of wife and be a good wife, so that your life will be better and better

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