Career editor, in his 40s, deputy senior high, how humiliating can marginalization be?

A good friend of mine, Lao Luo, is the deputy senior engineer of the business editor. He is 45 years old and is responsible for the design review of the project construction in the public institution under the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Laoluo graduated from the civil engineering major, with a solid professional and technical background, excellent working ability and quality, and strong principle. Several projects he was responsible for were rated as provincial and municipal high-quality projects and demonstration projects, and individuals have also been rated as excellent employees by the unit for many times. At the age of 30, he was rated as intermediate engineer, and served as deputy section chief, section chief at the age of 35, and deputy senior engineer at the age of 42.

In municipal public institutions, it is relatively young to be rated as deputy senior engineer at the age of 42. If there is no accident, it can be rated as senior engineer at the age of 50.

In 2019, the unit adjusted the number one. The first leader is not an engineering construction professional, has never done engineering construction work, and is not familiar with the business, but his work style is strong and domineering, and he always wants his subordinates to act according to his wishes, and some of them still violate the policies and regulations!

As the personnel of the government departments and units know, it is difficult for the leaders to want the following personnel to act in violation of the regulations under the current situation. First, the policy does not allow, second, the operator is unwilling, third, there are risks, and fourth, they are afraid of accidents in the project.

Once, the new leader suggested Lao Luo to sign for approval of the design of a commercial housing project. Lao Luo explained the relevant policies and regulations to the leader many times. The leader always pretended to be crazy and asked Lao Luo to think of other ways.

Lao Luo remained unmoved, adhered to personal principles and never signed. Lao Luo is an honest man and a man of principle. He believes that anything that violates the regulations will never be handled against his will.

The new leader has no choice but to follow Lao Luo’s advice. In this regard, the leader was also very angry, thinking that Lao Luo did not obey him and did not fight with him.

In the system, as long as the leader determines that you are not in the same circle with him, you will not be able to get into his eyes, or even be excluded.

In this way, Lao Luo was adjusted out of the post of section chief by the new leader. He only served as a deputy senior engineer and did not arrange important work or attend important meetings, which was completely marginalized.

Lao Luo was not used to it at first. He couldn’t sleep well and eat well for more than a monthLao Luo’s wife looked in the eye and was anxious. She repeatedly asked Lao Luo to open up a bit, treat his career as it is, do not force, do not flatter, do not flatter, treat his work down-to-earth, deserve the party spirit, deserve the conscience, and lead him to dismiss you. Everyone does not like, do not deal with, do not socialize is.

After his wife’s patience and enlightenment, Lao Luo was completely enlightened and his mind was much better. Go to work happily every day, don’t be late, don’t leave early, do anything, don’t do anything, make a pot of tea in the office every morning, drink it leisurely, drink it in the morning and then drink it in the afternoon, and get off work on time in the afternoon.

When you see the leader, you are still happy as usual, nodding against your heart and saying hello. The leader also nodded his head or smiled.

Lao Luo said that in this marginalized life, although there is much less work, less communication with colleagues, and much weaker sense of presence in the company, it doesn’t matter as long as you think through it. You can spend more time on accompanying your wife and children, and on tutoring children’s homework when you go to work on time. Go home for dinner on time every day, and take a walk in the park with my wife after dinnerLao Luo used to be weak. Since walking for more than half a year, his body has been much better, his face looks much better, and he is radiantOf course, there is a lot of harmony between husband and wife, and the wife is very happy.

Lao Luo’s children read the third day of junior high schoolSince the marginalization, Lao Luo often uses weekends to accompany his son and help him with his homework. His test scores have improved a lot, and his son’s character and self-confidence have also improved a lot. Lao Luo and his wife are very pleased.

Lao Luo also said that the main reason for the marginalization within the system is that individuals should adjust their attitudes in time, do not care about promotions, do not care about any leaders of the unit, do not care about the crazy words of the unit, and do not interfere with any matters of the unit. In fact, it is to be an invisible person.

What Lao Luo said is reasonable. In the system, as long as you don’t want to be a leader, no one is your leader. Work can be done if the unit arranges work. You can’t do it if you don’t arrange work. No one can take you and no one can dismiss you

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