Can’t go to high school and read 3+2? What suggestions do you have?

My wife is teaching junior high school, and some poor students in the class have stopped learning long ago. She said that she has discussed with her family and is waiting for a five-year college and a”3+2″ college. My suggestion is that it is better to go to high school and fail to pass the exam. Even a poor student is better than a five-year program and a”3+2″ junior college. Now the grade line for junior college students is 200 points. As long as high school students study hard, even if their qualifications are poor, it should be OK to go to an ordinary junior college? If the child’s academic performance is really poor and there is no room for improvement, it is still worthwhile to choose a five-year or”3+2″ college and spend some money to buy an education.

My school was upgraded from the technical secondary school. In the early years, the number of students in ordinary junior colleges was relatively small, mainly with five-year system and”3+2″. Five-year students can’t go to school in junior high school. They can’t control themselves after entering university. Parents can’t play a positive role. Can you believe that a student made a fool of himself in class. The teacher said two words to him, and the student directly fired at the teacher:”Believe it or not, I will throw you down from the upstairs?” I once went to invigilate the exam. Several students did not write a word, slept on the table, and allowed to hand in their papers half an hour later, wrote their names and handed them in directly, waiting for the make-up exam – it was easy to pass the make-up exam.

“3+2″ students are relatively better. They have attended technical secondary school and have a certain professional background. They have only one year in school (the second year of internship). The first semester is fresh, and the second semester is about to graduate. The time is very short, and can be managed with ingenuity. Later, with the strengthening of the school’s strength, the school stopped the”3+2″ junior college in 2014. Only the pharmacy major still retains the five-year junior college, and other majors are no longer enrolled. There is another way to go to a higher school, which is to go to a secondary school for three years, then take the corresponding enrollment examination, and then go to a junior college for three years. Generally speaking, in terms of comprehensive quality and learning ability, the average college students are higher than the corresponding college students, the corresponding college students are higher than the”3+2″ college students, and the”3+2” college students are higher than the five-year college students.

Having experienced the college entrance examination, students are more stable and have more goals. Of course, technical secondary schools can cultivate good students if they are strict enough. In 2014, I took a counterpart junior college class. When they were looking for a job, their academic qualifications were discriminated against. Some good companies didn’t even give them the opportunity to interview. I was unconvinced. The students in this class were really excellent, better than those in the ordinary junior college class. Several students also went to the provincial skill contest on behalf of the school and won the prize.”3+2″ and five-year students are discriminated against in employment. I don’t feel the same way personally. You can be convinced by their performance in school (I don’t deny that some students are excellent).

If you want to go to”3+2″, it is everywhere, but you should choose a good school, a good major and a good plan. The knock on the door of a college degree is not loud enough. If your family can’t arrange a job for you, you should continue to take the entrance examination for college or graduate school, or really learn skills. Since this year, the state has strongly promoted vocational education. We hope to improve the training mode of vocational education, broaden the employment channels of graduates, set corresponding difficulties for graduation certificates and various employment qualifications, and resolutely put an end to the purchase of academic qualifications and mixed academic qualifications, otherwise it is impossible to cultivate talents.

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