Do you remember some new things that happened in the countryside when you were young?

At the beginning of the 1970s, the production team in my hometown lost a cow. People dragged it back to the dead cow and slaughtered it on the sunning ground. The meat was sold, and the rest of the head and foot bones were put into the water, and so on. They started to stew in a big iron pot on the spot. My family is far away from me and didn’t participate, but a neighbor told me that a lot of commune members cut small meat with knives at the suntan valley, and then they could be distributed to every household. It also vividly said that a large number of men, women, old and young, while carving meat, stole food into their mouths, and the soup, water, and foam flew, which was beautiful! 8、 At the age of nine, I was shocked, but I didn’t show my face. A few hours later, a member of the team came with a message: Please bring your own bucket or washbasin and go to the production team to share”cooked beef” at the sunning floor! The three of us were so happy that we were eager to try. My mother said coldly,”I don’t want dirty things!”! Hearing my mother’s words, our three brothers and sisters were like a deflated ball, sitting on one side. When my mother saw this, she said,”Go and kill the big rabbit. Tonight, rabbit meat is stewed with wormwood soup.”. Our three brothers and sisters jumped up again, happy!


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