Why did the US military pay a heavy price in the Battle of Okinawa?

Why did the US military pay a heavy price in the Battle of Okinawa?

Okinawa is less than 600 kilometers away from Japan, and it is the south gate to enter Japan. Therefore, Japan attaches great importance to the island and has sent a well-equipped 32nd army to defend the island. The 32nd Army fought under the command of the Japanese army general Niu Shiman, with a total force of 120000. This die-hard Japanese fascist believes that the United States has advanced amphibious landing ships and powerful marines, and a fierce battle with the United States on the beach will only make the Japanese army a living target of the United States. Therefore, he decided to avoid the superior strength and intensive firepower of the United States, and stationed heavy troops in the southern island area. With the complex and powerful terrain, he could effectively block the landing of the United States and inflict heavy damage on the United States.

On April 1, 1945, as the World War II drew to a close, the United States decided to gradually occupy the islands near Japan, thus attacking the Japanese mainland. As a result, tens of thousands of US troops and thousands of warships launched the war of landing on Okinawa. At the beginning of the battle, the US military encountered the crazy suicide attack of the Japanese”kamikaze commandos”. In just one day, more than 400 warships were sunk. But this did not shake the original plan of the US military. In order to force the US military to give up landing, Niu Shiman also sent a request to the Japanese headquarters, hoping to transform the warship”Yamato” into a suicide warship, intending to attack the US Navy fleet from Japan. However, the US military has long received the news that the warship was quickly hit and sunk by the US Air Force during its journey.

However, the Japanese army under the command of Niu Shiman resisted in the corner on the island and showed great tenacity. They created considerable difficulties for the US military on the southern island by virtue of the favorable terrain. Therefore, Niu Shiman was called the most difficult enemy by the US military. After two months of brutal fighting, the US military approached the southern islands. In the war of landing, the Japanese army lost 90000 people, the US military killed 12500 people, injured 30000 people, and the US Enterprise aircraft carrier also lost its navigation ability. This makes the US military feel incredible. The US military thought that it could easily occupy the island with its unique and overwhelming advantages, but it paid a very heavy price. (Welcome to follow the First Military Information. If you have other questions, please leave a message in the comment area.)

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